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8 Steps to Build your Own Video-On-Demand Services

8 Steps to Build your Own Video-On-Demand Services


Video-on-demand makes viewers experience in seconds. In general, Video-on-demand is a video-based streaming business that delivers original television shows, movies & live events broadcasting in smart devices. Having round-the-clock services highlights the audience’s accessibility to their preferences.


In launching the on-demand business, we have to consider the primary key tools for promoting our video content. They are

Plan your contents:

First, We have to make clear planning and structure for publishing our content to viewers. A variety of content in one place attracts more traffic.

Manage your videos:

All the contents are well organized and managed to get the viewer’s attention. Analytics shows the responses over the videos.

Apply the right monetization strategy:

Another important thing is choosing the right monetization model. Transactional or subscription or advertising wise are three models that generate more income.

Webnexs VOD services optimize content streaming business strategy with a lot of innovative and specialized ideas.


1. Allocate your niche content:

First, we have to decide what kind of content your on-demand platforms will stream. Some of the most common niches or genres include Education, Fitness, Entertainment contents, etc..

2. Availability of contents:

Content distributors have authorized concerns who hold copyrights of video content issues license for VOD players to stream their contents.

3. Choose the right monetization model:

We can monetize the video contents in 3 bases:

Transactional — by using “pay-per-view” on watching each content

Subscription — by using weekly, monthly or yearly wise payment to watch the contents.

Advertising — by running other company’s ads.

In competitive platforms, we can also utilize this model in combined formats.

4. Requirements of video streaming application:

Major requirements of video streaming applications include internet speed, hosting, network connectivity are the key functions to perform the video without lags.

5. Secure the contents:

Protect the contents using watermarking and DRM rights for reducing data theft or access by unauthorized persons.

6. Payment process:

Allowing various modes of payments in purchasing the contents through PayPal, MasterCard, debit/ credit cards, Visa, etc..

7. Develop your on-demand streaming platform:

Engage your on-demand platforms are available in online markets to reach global audiences. It allows all users and starts building the viewer’s database through registration. VOD players are responsible for delivering and updating the quality content on a day-to-day basis for entertaining the viewers.

8. Collect feedback:

Getting feedback from the viewers will show our platform’s performances, drawbacks, and additional features that they are expecting from the audience’s side. Doing continuous improvement for our websites can improve business opportunities.

Webnexs solution excelled in optimizing the VOD platform globally and entertain the viewers as standalone effective services.


Video-on-demand platforms pave way for many startup businesses in this industry. Netflix, the industry leader in video streaming applications, sets a good inspiration in starting your on-demand applications. Businesses must take a proactive approach that helps to retain audiences, and drive growth, all in real-time.


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