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A Complete Guide To Men’s Underwear And Innerwear



Keep The Momentum Going…

No matter whatever the conditions, bumpy or smooth, nothing should stop you. And in this journey of perseverance, One8 Innerwear is right by you because who says style cannot accompany comfort?

At One8 Innerwear, every product is inspired by Virat Kohli’s restlessness for success. The men’s underwear briefs, trunks, boxers and vests are designed to provide you with complete flexibility, amazing fit, and unbothered grip.

Smash the hurdles that come in between you and your goal with these inner wears and be unstoppable in achieving what you are hustling for. With that in mind, we give you a complete guide to men’s underwear and innerwear.

Men’s Underwear Briefs For All Styles

You cannot do without briefs, and that is for sure. They play a big part in providing bodily comfort. So, they have to be breathable, spacious yet perfectly fit. More than that, briefs are supposed to absorb moisture and keep you relaxed.

Designed exactly the way men seek comfort, our men’s underwear brief collection is massive, ensuring there is a brief for everyone. So, find the fit that fits you!

Bold Brief

These cotton fabric briefs keep you from feeling excess heat and sweating uncontrollably. They have a concealed soft waistband and a contoured pouch.

Definitely a great choice for: The modern, dapper man

Core Brief

Containing elastane, the core men’s brief makes it easy for you to stretch. High rising with contrast decorative piping, they come with styled panels, a double contoured pouch and a pillowy soft waistband.

Definitely a great choice for: The man who loves flexibility

Fashion Briefs

Like our other underwear collection, fashion briefs are made with cotton and come in various colours to spoil you for choice.

Definitely a great choice for: The metrosexual man

Full Coverage Brief

Part of our Edge collection range, the underwear is a high-rise with a soft feel. The decorative cut and sew lend the full coverage underwear a classic, stylish look.

Definitely a great choice for: The traditional man

Fusion Brief

A statement underwear with a contrasting side panel, high cut and a double contoured pouch, these are synonymous with an amazing fit.

Definitely a great choice for: The conventional yet contemporary man

Pouch Briefs

Another innerwear from our Game collection, it has a contoured pouch to avoid misfits. A mid-rise brief with a contrast seam, it gives you a superior look.

Definitely a great choice for: The eccentric man

Regular Brief

These need no introduction. As the ideal underwear, they are stretchable and give you an itch-free waistline. With a contrast fly open, the regular brief imparts a fresh and easy look.

Definitely a great choice for: Every man

When you’re ready to experience the best quality innerwear, shop our men’s briefs online!

Men’s Boxer Briefs To Save The Day

Boxers come in a loose fit and have longer legs, which makes them more comfortable than briefs. Plus, men’s boxer briefs come in a plethora of style, fit, and colours. Pick the one you like!

Boxer Shorts

With a relaxed fit, boxer shorts are ideal for home wear and men with fuller keisters. Not to compromise on style, they have a contrasting waistband and drawstring along with double reinforced front, back, and side seams in various patterns. And guess what? They have convenient side pockets as well!

Definitely a great choice for: When you want to lounge all day in a soothing fabric.

Fashion Boxer

The men’s boxers come with a double contoured pouch that gives it a soft, perfect fit. But what makes them stand apart is their special design - made to avoid the boxer from riding up.

Definitely a great choice for: When you want to brighten your style with stretchable material.

Modern Boxer

Just like the fashion boxers, the modern boxers for men have decorative piping at the sides too. This ensures that the length doesn’t roll up and gives you the comfort you crave all day.

Definitely a great choice for: When you want to change up your wardrobe from the usual innerwear.

Pouch Boxer

One can’t say enough about these men’s boxers. A must-have just because of their amazing elasticity, they also come with a shaped pouch and decorative double stripes.

Definitely a great choice for: When you want top-notch boxers designed just the way you will like them.

Men’s Underwear Trunks

Trunks are similar to boxers but give a cosier fit and have shorter legs. Think of men’s trunks like underpants, quintessential underwear for those with skinnier legs.

Fashion Trunk

These come with a mid-rise fit and are made of super-soft cotton rib fabric. Soft waistbands make them amazingly comfortable. They also have a double-layered front pouch and contrast binding along with the leg opening.

Definitely a great choice for: An amazing look and luxurious fit.

Regular Trunk

Like all our men’s innerwear, these too are made of 100 % cotton fabric. They have a front fly opening, decorative stitches at the pouch seam and are designed to prevent the trunk lengths from rolling up.

Definitely a great choice for: A heavenly look and loose fit.

Stretch Printed Trunk

Super light cotton with spandex and an all-over print makes the men’s underwear trunks stylized. The double contoured pouch lends a perfect fit without any rolling up all day long!

Definitely a great choice for: A fashionable feel and stretchy fit.

Men’s Innerwear Vests To Smash The Heat

One8 Innerwear’s vests are created to help you beat the sweat. Available in myriads of colours, you can easily pair them with any shirt or blazer.

Casual Vest

When you need a regular fit vest with a super-absorbent fabric, the casual vest is ideal. A tiny One8 logo on the chest, ribbed neck and decent armhole make it one of the best vests for men.

Definitely a great choice for: All times

Fashion Vests

The body fit vest has a contrast binding at the neck and the armhole with incredibly supple seams. Snappy yet comfortable, the fashion vests are a must in your wardrobe.

Definitely a great choice for: Unique occasions

Gym Vests

For great gym wear, turn to these inner wears that come in three classic colours. Made partly with cotton to provide absolute comfort while sweating out, they also have spandex for a deeper stretch. Moreover, don’t miss out on the distinction panels with contrast stripes.

Definitely a great choice for: Working out

Jog Vests

The style and fabric of jog vests are the same as gym vests. The difference is in the decorative contrast stitch at seams and racerback styling that allow for free arm movement. Another version of these vests is the rib vest that comes with a ribbed pattern.

Definitely a great choice for: A run

Lounge Vests

Made with a blend of cotton and elastane, the lounge innerwear doesn’t compromise a bit on the cut or style. They lay easy on the skin, making them textbook work from home vests.

Definitely a great choice for: Weekdays

Popular Vests

These vests come in the regular design popular with most men, along with a hemmed bottom. They fit extremely well with T-shirts, shirts and Indian wear.

Definitely a great choice for: Any day and any attire

Stretch Vest

These are body fit and are made of cotton, soft as cloud seams for better comfort. With a bit of stretch to the fabric, the vests are a must for your wardrobe.

Definitely a great choice for: Running errands

Ultra-light Vest

For ultra-fit, these vests are made with a premium micro modal fabric. It has wider shoulders for the taller and broader man.

Definitely a great choice for: Nightwear

Now that you have a fair idea go explore our men’s vests online.

Men’s Loungewear For Some R&R

As important as men’s underwear is, loungewear is equally critical because your weekends are spent in it. That’s why you need to experience the best men’s lounge shorts.

Bermuda Shorts

Made of combed cotton with an all-over printed woven fabric, the shorts have a relaxing and superior fit. You also get contrast drawstrings at the waistband, convenient side pockets and double-reinforced front, back, and side seams along with.

Definitely a great choice for: Sleepovers and leisure

Thumb Rule When Choosing Men’s Underwear And Innerwear

There is no doubt that underwear is a deeply personal choice. But keep in mind that it is the first piece of clothing you put on every day. It is in direct contact with your skin for a long time.

That makes innerwear and underwear the most important part of your wardrobe. Yet, we hardly see people talking about it. With this complete guide, we wanted to give you a more penetrating look at the choices you have.

So, while we strongly urge you to find the style and fit in men’s briefs, boxers, trunks and vests that suits you to the T. We also request you to keep these rules when buying underwear:

  • The fabric must have strong fibres.
  • The stitching has to be seamless to prevent discomfort.
  • The underwear should be invisible and make you look good in fitted dress pants, jeans or kurta-pyjamas.

Of the three, the crucial thumb rule is material. It has to be lightweight and with minute pores that enable air circulation. Cotton is the best choice, particularly for regular wear, since it has moisture-wicking capacity. For workouts and active movement, a blend of spandex and cotton is the ideal choice.

Your takeaway:

They say you are what you eat. We believe you are also what you wear. The right clothing, even something as basic as innerwear, can make a major difference to your mindset.

Don a comfortable boxer, and you are ready to relax and rejuvenate. Wear a brief, and you are ready to take charge of a board meeting. So, make use of this guide to find the proper men’s innerwear for each occasion and each attire. And then hustle!

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