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A Home Décor That Inspires You

Having the right art for our home is so much more than home décor and beautifying your home. It is not just about adding colour to your home or making your walls look more fancier. Sometimes even is not about matching your home décor. It could be so much more than that. Art brings your home to life. Sometimes it doesn’t even make sense to other. It doesn’t have to as long as it makes sense to you and suits your personality and preference.  

Most of us are currently working from home. And even though we thought it would be a piece of cake for us, that fancy delusion has long exited our mind and reality hit us hard. Managing our personal and professional life together has been nothing but stressful and tiring for us. And being stuck at home at stretch for days has been very challenging for us. The best we can do to cope with situations like these is to make our surrounding more bright and cheerful. And having the right art work is just the way to do that.

Art that inspires us, motivates and brightens our day and fill our head with positivity is something we all should have in our life. When you look a painting think about the about artist who painted it, how they brought their imagination to life by painting in a blank canvas. Their dedication and their patience that took to make a unique masterpiece is something that we should all appreciate. And the lesson we should all from them is to create something beautiful we must work hard for it.

Every painting has a story to tell about the artist. The paintings of MFPA are one of those great examples. Each of those paintings from MFPA is painted by mouth and foot painting artists. Artists who have lost the usage of their hands either due to birth defect or due to some tragic accidents that occurred in their life. And these inspiring artists have created beautiful stories on those blank canvases. Next time you ever come across those paintings of MFPA, look closely they will they you a beautiful story of one of those artists and fill you with positivity. Having a panting of MFPA on your wall would definitely make your day more inspiring, wouldn’t it?

Like we said before it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else as long as it makes sense to you and improves and motivates your mood every day. Throughout history people always had clashing views about art. Everyone had their own reasons to like and dislike an artwork and that is completely fine because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. 

So, get paintings that you would love to own for your home and bring your home alive with colours. Artwork that speaks to you and encourages you to be a better version of yourself deserves a place in your home. Decorate your wall with little piece of motivation and bring out the brighter side of you. Let art be your light. 

“If one does not know to which
oe one is sailing, no wind is favourable ":
- Lucius Seneca



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