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A Next-generation Alert Operations Platform


AlertFusion: A Next-gen Alert Operations Platform


The industry’s first and unique centralized alert operations management solution to enhance SOC operational efficiency

AlertFusion complements existing technology landscapes and offers enterprises centralized security alert management in real-time resulting in zero duplicate alerts.security operations center

We offer enterprises flexible automation, retention of critical knowledge and automated reports, all within one simple, highly scalable, out of the box solution.


To detect and respond to ever raising security threats, enterprises have invested in multiple security technologies such as SIEM, SOAR and others in a typical SOC environment. But, even with all these multiple technologies in place, day to day security operations is still a challenge and enterprises still struggle to manage hundreds to thousands of alerts daily.


How AlertFusion Works

AlertFusion consists of two individual modules that work together or work individually based on client needs. This enables us to flexibly integrate into and complement any existing technology landscape and substantially enhance the maturity of the operations function

Improve operational efficiency by reducing the time it takes to close an alert.


AlertFusion is a platform that makes security operations, operational Efficiency more effective. It complements existing tools and technologies, unifies operations, enhances process maturity and drives efficiencies which, in turn, increase ROI.


AlertFusion extracts maximum value by centralising alerts, eliminating rework and retaining technical knowledge; making analysts more productive, siem security information and event management

Security engineers Incident response more effective and managers more informed.

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