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Languages are an amazing signals

Help human beings to disseminate their intriguing expressions

To translate their views and visions

Even to portray their agony, pain, joy and sad equations

Which virtually prove humans as supreme out of all creatures emerged as champion!

I wonder the touch, smell, hearing as well taste

Make huge impact to human sensory organs in haste

Visuals perhaps take back seat

Before four other sensations engulf us with amazing treat

But it is visual which makes huge difference to form amazing bonding

Triggering myriad to dedicate against inexplicable pain and sufferings

Capable to draw a new social design

Integration, not divisive mechanism it construe to force many to align

Forcing many to shed their blood

Language alone wage war for acquiring its distinct recognition at large!

Its inherent strength and dedication

Draws respect across the world with huge appreciation

Having the capacity to acknowledge its flow

What an amazing glow

Despite different in scriptures but the uttered sounds it produce

Consolidating many with an uniform tune to adduce

Unity in diversity though become poignant with exuberance

Language alone remove all differences to uphold humanity to glow in radiance!


Droplets of blood with its incessant flow

Making language an intriguing chemistry to chide

With a continuous row

Forcing us to pay tribute to all languages with its consistent tide

Which having a long history to fight to prove its worth with pride!

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Liesbeth Leysen, MSc.

2 years ago #2

what a beautiful combination of words Debasish Majumder thank you

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