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It is my regular duty to assist kids as I accompany them in the school bus and I love them, how they feel jovial and express their usual proclivity among themselves. On that time I am not their teacher, rather I am their friend, who love their impulses with utter contentment. They are like rainbow in my eyes with lovely colors and I enjoy their jocund company with heart’s content during my daily journey with them while going to school and coming back from my school to my own enclave. I exactly enjoy the essence that children are the true manifestation of divinity.

Today is unlike any other usual day as, since number of days, whether in newspaper or in street corners, we are observing a group of people are protesting with anger regarding a movie and disapproving the release of the concern movie, as those fringe elements are considering the content of the movie may tarnish the valor and dignity of a certain clan. Quite surprising that without seeing the concern movie they are reaching to an emphatic conclusion, entirely based on their assumption and of course, getting patronage from political groups too, who may utilize their fumes as a devise to retain themselves in the corridor of power. Consequently, we common people could envisage evidently that out of this issue an untoward incident going to emerge soon across the country. I am utterly perplexed to notice such unhealthy commotion how being emanated from such fracas. Movies are being made to entertain us. After days long monotony, we feel relaxed to see a movie. It is an instrument of sheer entertainment. How come it may defame our clan as well hinder our daily influx of life?

However, after the school is over as usual like other days, I boarded in the school bus along with my students and started for our due destination. On the mid of our journey, suddenly I took notice of blockade on the street. People are protesting angrily against the airing of the concern movie. They are dead against the releasing of the movie in our town.

Suddenly they became furious and started to rank sank the road side shops and other commercial establishments. Indiscriminately they set fire to all shops and not even desire to spare the vehicles on the road. While they are advancing to set fire to our vehicle, we ardently requested to allow us to move away from the spot as, in our vehicle passengers are all kids of primary level and they are shivering out of fear as they never experienced such horrible incident before, neither could they understand the reason of acrimony of the confronting crowd. They only eager to reach to their parents at their earliest. They are screaming in fear which literally cannot be translated.

But, alas! They ignored to heed to our request and started to vandalize our vehicle. They are not even desirous to spare the children. The children hugged me tightly and crying loudly. Their eyes are petrified. Their cry and tears made me utterly nonplussed. I somehow managed to garner courage and requested them not to intimidate young children who are already petrified owing to such untoward incident abruptly emerged in front of them.

But my appeal is all in vain. They even intimidated me to ablaze me lively if I make more hue and cry. I became utterly horrified by observing such eccentric characters of mass who are being incited by some fringe groups and surely being patronized by the administering political parties who are in the corridor of power. I am amazed to notice that for the sake of mere political gain and to retain themselves in the power politics, how shamelessly immoral they are! If present generation is so brazen and nefarious, is there at all any future for our posterity?

The concern incident engulfed me with utter confusion. Are we not living in the age of intolerance? Our level of endurance, as well self-esteem, being largely disfigured. We are critical to all who do not endorse to our views and visions. We do not like to create a milieu favorable for healthy growth with mutual exchange of outlook and opinions. What our posterity will learn from us? Is it, that our D.N.A. being radically changed, paving the way for more atrocities and mayhem to emerge, paralyzing our social fabric of amity and lead us to go for astray? Where we are exactly we are heading with what promise for the future?


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A concerning trend that we see much too frequently. There is so much lack of feeling for others and growing hatred worldwide. Children should not have to endure such frightening experiences.

Pascal Derrien

4 years ago #4

Mass hysteria is a frightening feature of mankind, a terrifying story this read was

Ali Anani

4 years ago #3

Dear Debasish Majumder- such a sad story and it shows to what low level humanity is falling into. It surely was a horrible incident and I feel so sad for the agony the children experienced. In such chaotic times I wonder what would come next!

Debasish Majumder

4 years ago #2

Pascal Derrien

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