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Alfresco Backup Script for Linux Instance

A number of Enterprises have trusted Alfresco for Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Management for years. IT team of the enterprises or the Alfresco support vendor requires conducting certain operations during Alfresco support or Alfresco content migration activities.Alfresco Backup Script for Linux Instanceay Alfresco Backup

Production Server Backup Server

One such operation is taking backup of Alfresco. In this blog, we have described the steps for the same.

First of all, why and when you should backup Alfresco? There are three such activities before which it is strongly recommended to have a backup of Alfresco production data:

Deploying customization to the Alfresco production instance

Alfresco server migration

Alfresco version upgrade

Backup of Alfresco involves two things:

Content (content stores)

Database (metadata)

Here, we have prepared the Alfresco backup script (for Linux) – which can help you take a complete backup of Alfresco.

This script can also help you retain the latest few backups (e.g. last 3 backups). This will help you especially when you are performing backup operations at regular intervals using cronjobs.

Please note:

  • The script is meant for Alfresco with a PostgreSQL database hosted on Linux servers.
  • We have not considered the backup of Alfresco Module Packages and alfresco-global.properties file in this script. However, you can take a backup of these files manually before you migrate to new Alfresco instance.

Original source: Alfresco Backup Script for Linux Instance

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