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Alfresco Integration with Chronoscan

Chronoscan Introduction:

Chronoscan is a complete suite for document scanning and indexing. It allows to scan and index large sets of documents from SMEs to large enterprises.

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Alfresco is a web-based Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Management platform that is adopted by enterprises world-over to capture, store, manage, retrieve and publish documents. We at ContCentric are experts in Alfresco with all the team members with Certification from the OEM.

Integration Mechanism in Alfresco

Alfresco allows third-party applications to communicate with it using CMIS (Content Management Interoperability System)/ RESTAPIs.

Chronoscan uses CMIS to communicate with Alfresco. CMIS uses user’s credential in order to access the Alfresco repository. To know more about CMIS visit this.

The use case in this blog:

We have taken invoice as a document type to explain the scenario. Let us say we want to extract some information (like Vendor name, Invoice No, Total due amount, date) from the scanned invoices and retain them as metadata to respective documents. Once the batch of documents is ready we want to push (export) them to Alfresco repository at a specified path. So, Alfresco will have the documents with the metadata attached to them. The document library creation can be automized from the values that are extracted from the documents.

Alfresco Integration Related blog: Edit Documents Online (ONLYOFFICE Integration)

We would be happy to discuss your requirements for digitizing the documents with proper indexing and storage in Alfresco. Do contact us for further information.

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