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Alternative for Whatsapp | Whatsapp New Privacy Policy


Currently Whatsapp is the biggest and was first of its kind to be social engaging and connecting mobile application with contact-detailed identification. With over a billion users in 180 countries and counting, WhatsApp is the undisputed to-go instant messaging app on the globe. The social media giant—Facebook and its applications, including FB Messenger, Instagram, and other third-party apps, have been involved in several security breaches and have breached user privacy over the years. WhatsApp, on the other hand, is a Facebook-owned app that has resisted introducing user-centric security features such as End-to-End Encryption and other security protocols. WhatsApp began as an instant messaging service before being purchased by Facebook in the year 2014. While Facebook did not insert advertisements or violate users’ privacy on WhatsApp during the early years of its acquisition, it did cause security-conscious users to be worried about their privacy and security.

Facebook recently changed its privacy policies, allowing the company to use the data collected by WhatsApp in whatever way it sees fit. Instead of having to download three separate applications, As per various reports, Facebook is rumored to be merging Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger into a single platform, allowing users to communicate with others via messages and more in a single app. In certain cases, this will also include WhatsApp’s robust E2E encryption.

The changed policies by Facebook for Whatsapp, are stated below:

The latest privacy policy concerns WhatsApp’s service and how it manages user data. It provides end-to-end encryption, but with the recent policy update, WhatsApp and its family of applications and businesses under Facebook will be able to receive and transmit data from other companies. Operating, providing, understanding, improving, customizing, supporting, and marketing programs are all part of this.

One of the most surprising provisions of the privacy policy is the ability of WhatsApp to send necessary user data to the government in the case of unusual incidents. WhatsApp stores a large amount of data and is able to gather knowledge about these facets of your identity. Contact information, financial information, user material, usage data, diagnostics, identifiers, contacts, venue, and transactions are all included.

Moreover, Facebook and its subsidiaries, including WhatsApp, would be able to use data collected on the apps to enhance user experiences such as product recommendations, among other items.  Users’ messages are not saved, according to the privacy policy, but the user’s profile image, status message, profile name, and account information are. In layman’s words, WhatsApp stored user data on its servers that could be used for marketing purposes directly or indirectly on WhatsApp or any of Facebook’s other apps/companies.

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