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Seeds are product of nature

Proliferate in a convenient soil texture

Produces large in quantity

Facilitate myriad to thrive and survive with its distinct entity!

Fishes proliferate abundantly on water

Surviving centuries long with its own clamor

Big fishes survive on small fishes

Bloody turmoil too happen on water surface for the fittest to exist and rejoice!

Birds are amazing creature

Some have their own prey on air

They fly in the air with their inherent freedom

They migrate from place to place at random

Some help to pollinate to make environs colorful 

Who cares how they die in what state and how mournful!

I wonder how few human

Captivate birds and claim their own

Seeds too when bloom

They brazen declare their claim on it like goon

Subjugate many out of their greed

Humanity thus stifled by their whimsical treat

Hardly they could envisage

They are paving their own grave with utter disgrace!


Seeds, fishes and birds

Having a common thread in nature's texture

They all enjoy freedom as their birth right

Only human enslaved them with their intellectual might

But hardly human can envisage

Their brain too are nature's product with surely supreme trait

Which nature too crafted with excellent nuance

And it too can conclude with nature's vagaries with abrupt turbulence!

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Debasish Majumder

2 years ago #2

Ken Boddie

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