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Amazon Couple are Too Good

Amazon Couple are Too Goodpe \|ARRIAGE


Almost every Internet user knows Amazon

But many of us didn't know who really made it? MacKenzie Bezos née Tuttle and Jeff Bezos together made Amazon. MacKenzie earned a BA degree in English from Princeton University with highest honors in 1992. She studied under writer Toni Morrison, who said MacKenzie was "one of the best students I've ever had in my creative writing classes".

MacKenzie Bezos née Tuttle and Jeff Bezos together made Amazon

In 1993, MacKenzie married Jeff when both were office neighbors. In 1994 the couple quit their job and relocated to Seattle to found Amazon. She was one of the first employees to contribute at Amazon. Her American Book Award winning book "The Testing of Luther Albright" was published only in 2005. Because, she dedicated almost 10 years to bring up their 4 children.

Amazon couple were too good, they are still too good .. why are they splitting?

She used to drive their 4 kids to school and then used to drop Jeff off at work in their family car. It was such a normal and happy family. God knows what went wrong? Why the Bezos are going for a divorce after 25+ years of marriage?

Marriages are not made in heaven, but a couple can only make the home a heaven


I was reading "MARRIAGE, MERRIMENT, AND MADNESS: How to Handle The Madness, Enjoy The Merriment, and Keep Your Marriage Strong" by Dave Worthen. This is a fantastic read on relationship and marriage.

You can get your copy from MacKenzie and Jeff's Amazon!

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Debesh Choudhury

2 years ago #2

That is true Pascal Derrien .. Big people can make a perfect end with all organizational help

Pascal Derrien

2 years ago #1

Yeah difficult to understand what is staged maybe PRed up , even the outcome is too perfect ;-)

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