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Are You Still Working From Your Home In Dubai? Then Deep Cleaning Is The Way To Go!

Deep Cleaning in Sharjah & Dubai

If anything that the pandemic has taught us, it is how to work virtually via the comfort of our homes in Dubai. At first, it was quite a new adjustment getting used to working at our homes in Sharjah. Slowly we all finally understood the importance of cleaning in homes across Dubai. 

Keeping our homes clean is even more essential even though things have stabilized across the UAE. Is regular cleaning of homes still enough? Not quite, deep cleaning in Sharjah & Dubai is the way to go! Especially for times when we are still working remotely across our homes in Sharjah.

Deep cleaning of your home office works best when done by a cleaning company such as Cleantel based out of Dubai. But apart from engaging Sharjah-based Cleantel’s expert support, one could follow simple tips too.

The biggest question to ask here is how best to keep your home office germ-free?  It is all about sticking to a checklist.

Here’s our recommended checklist to help keep your work from home space neat and clean in Dubai.

  1. Keep your desk clean and tidy at all times.
  2. As much as possible try to avoid eating at the home office desk.
  3. Make sure to wipe down the dirtiest devices as well.
  4. Follow the global world rule of life - wash hands regularly and effectively.
  5. Make sure your cleaning tools are in the best dirt-free condition.
  6. If you have a carpet at the home office, it should be deep cleaned and purified regularly.


Let’S Break Down Each Of These List Items!


The desk is your kingdom. It has to be on the routine cleaning list as well as keep paying ample attention to anything placed on it. Also, make sure you only keep things that are truly essential for work.

Having food at the desk is a risk, think of all those little crumbs that could be left behind. It is like a welcoming party for the germs out in the world.

Connected to the previous one is to avoid eating around the keyboard as dirt can go deeper than is visible to the naked eye. The same goes for the cellphone, mouse, or anything that is routinely at your hand’s length in your home office in Dubai.

The home office in Sharjah would stay the same, but your hands travel around the house so that your body and mind keep moving. This means you must keep washing your hands regularly with soap and water. It is not just washing, it means doing it the right way.

This one’s a no-brainer, dirty clothes and brushes are a green flag for germs to enter the home workspace. It does not mean you are constantly discarding the cleaning tools, it means you stick to a set routine cleaning for all tools around the home office in Dubai. By having it in your day-to-day routine, anytime you are cleaning, you’re all set.

It may seem like the carpet at your home office is fluffy, but it could secretly be hoarding a pile of germs. Rugs and other thick fabrics can be an easy place for germs to grow unless you get them cleaned professionally by Cleantel’s experts who believe in sending germs packing.

Sticking to this list apart from work as well as other home chores can be quite a challenge for the mind and body. Consider taking a break once in a while by calling Dubai-based Cleantel’s experts who go where germs go to make them disappear. We at Cleantel, the best Cleaning Company in Dubai, understand how essential it is for you as you work from your Sharjah home to take a short break from your routine.


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