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Becoming a Project Manager – A Complete Guide for 2021

Becoming a project manager is an easy task as well as a difficult one, if you’re already in the industry and are working on projects it will be easy for you to get proper certification with hard work, but if a person is looking to enter the project management industry, they need to work hard and make their name in the industry so that they get recognized as being able to lead and direct projects.

Then the question arises if even pmp training in bangalore is the right career choice for you, to ensure that you can read about other project managers, reach out and connect with them if you have the option to and the best thing you can do it is trying it out in the field by applying for a project management internship. 

Here are some things that will help you understand more about the job requirements and how to become a project manager if you choose to go down the path:


What is a project manager?

A project manager is a person who handles a project from scratch to its completion and is responsible for everything happening during the time the project is in the works.

 How do I become a project manager?

There are different ways to become a project manager but they all fall under two broad categories, one will be your traditional path to becoming a project manager.

The traditional path would involve you setting becoming a project manager as a life goal and then getting the necessary elements for it i.e getting a degree in a related field, gathering the necessary experience by working as a project manager, applying for exams like the PMP course or CAPM and getting certified as a project manager and then taking the role officially and working in the industry.

The other path doesn’t involve any of the degrees, certifications, etc, and won’t make your project manager in an “official” sense but it is learning through experience.

Many leaders of the industry worked on projects, lead them at later stages, and discovered that they had leadership qualities and skill and started leading projects and becoming recognized names in the industry.

Both of the pathways will lead you to become a project manager in all its sense, but the first path would actually get you certified to work as a project manager and the second one will only work if you’re a natural leader and have a knack for taking over projects and completing them with efficiency and providing good results.

Exams you can take

If you’re set on becoming a project manager, two exams that you can take to get certified are CAPM and PMP. Both of the exams require certain prerequisites that you would need to have to be eligible for applying for the exams such as secondary school completion and necessary work experience.


The project manager is a great industry to work in if you think you have the skill to lead projects and deliver upon the requests of your employers.


To prepare for the exams involved in the project management industry you can take the course provided by Excelr, a Bangalore-based training firm that provides courses such as project management courses.

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