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Benefits of using the Node.js Framework for Web Development

Benefits of using the Node.js Framework for Web Developmentnede

NodeJs is as an open source, cross platform powerful run-time environment that’s built on the V8 engine. This specifies that you will be capable to achieve fast, dynamic, scalable applications using this language.

NodeJS is highly efficient because of its single threaded event call back mechanism which provides the opportunity to connect scripting languages with the brute force of network programming (but it also supports multithreaded applications).

Here are some major advantages of using the Node.js as server-side programming.

Fast performance

Node.js is one of the fastest programming environments, so are the frameworks, based on Node.js. This fast I/O performance allows users to use the framework for static file serving, essential routing operations, and middleware messaging.

Extremely scalable

The developers contain an option to extent the Node.js applications in both vertical and horizontal manners. Not only can they scale the application horizontally by adding extra nodes to the existing system, but also they have an option to add more resources to individual nodes while scaling the Node.js application vertically.

Control flow

Some Node.js frameworks allow mapping and serializing functions, keeping your code in order. You don’t have to build intricate functional structures, embedding one into another. The framework will group them automatically — and you can access the needed function a search, with no need to use a callback command all the time.


In a framework, you can computerize every repetitive operations, share modification records, and schedule actions. A huge built-in library of ready-to-use functionality and interface templates creates building a web application a walk in the park. All you have to do is specifying the requirements for the code — and framework will do the hard work. Of course, this development will be more primitive but still, enough to pass for the work of some juniors.

Active community

Node.js developers are actively participating in discussions on Stack Overflow and Medium blogs. Also, hiring a Node.js developer is far from being a hard task. Many developers, proficient in Java and JavaScript, start learning Node. js — so we are likely to see a lot of qualified developers in the near future.

Full Stack JavaScript development

These days, JavaScript is the most common language in web development . It’s easy to find professional JS software developers and find an automation technology for development, testing, and maintenance. Node.js was the counter stone of this success, allowing developers to use JS for backend as well as front-end.

You can use a single programing language for the entire project, saving money on hiring new team members and acquiring additional assisting technology.

High processing capacities

Node.js is a one-threaded language, capable of processing more than dozens of thousands of requests simultaneously. Due to the low number of threads, the processed data is much lighter and the flow is more seamless than with other languages.

V8 Engine

This JS engine converts code, written in JavaScript into machine code. The thing is, JavaScript is a highly abstracted language that uses human language for code to increase readability. However, computer processors understand machine code — this one is much more technical and difficult to read. To make the JS code understood by the hardware, we need to convert it. Luckily, Node JS based on V8 Engine that quickly converts abstract code into the machine one.

Perfect for microservices

As the complexity of web projects grows, so the architecture has to evolve. Ten years ago, a common approach was a monolithic one — the functionality piled up from the most important features to the least important ones in a single branched-out structure.

With the introduction of microservices, things became much easier. Now, developers write a bunch of small services that are responsible for one function and connect them together into a project. Single-threaded Node.js suites perfectly for building such connections.

Diverse ecosystem

Node.js has taken development by storm, quickly becoming one of the most popular solutions out there. This is not a surprise considering that we are living in the era of micro services and single-page application — and Node.js is perfect for both. Users prioritize speed, simplicity, responsive web pages over heavy interfaces and rich functionality — and Node.js shines there as well. Looking at these software development tendencies, one thing is apparent. Node.js will continue its growth and improvement, potentially becoming one of the most widespread programming technology.

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