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Best Free SEO Audit Report Tools For Website

Best Free SEO Audit Report Tools For Website

For the long-term success of your website, you need to check the website’s strength, weakness, and its potential. SEO Audit is the procedure that analyses the depth in which best practices are linked with your web presence. This is the initial stage to create a plan and targets to find issues associated with organic search results. Creating an SEO audit Report is essential for SEO Agency in Noida as it creates the roadmap for further improvements. In the process of creating an SEO audit report, you will be aware of the SEO audit report tools

The SEO audit report is generated after an SEO audit tools and it exposes the following:

  • Issues related to Technical SEO
  • Issues related to Website Structure
  • Issues related to On-page SEO
  • Issues related to Potential off-site
  • Issues related to User Experience
  • Identifies content gaps
  • Identifies insights on the competitive marketplace

The SEO audit report tool covers the content and structural aspects that affect your SEO. It provides an overall view of your current state happenings. When there is any broken piece on your website, it would affect the SEO. SEO audit report tool should be easy to understand and be able to connect the disconnect and spell out the way SEO issues affect the online goals and revenues. The recommendations mentioned in the SEO audit report should meet the business objectives. Also, SEO audit report tools recommendations or suggestions should be able to put into action. It should indicate a clear path to completion and the output would indicate the way forward. For a smooth flow of your website, SEO audit reports should be a part of its launch to get more visibility thereby leading to success and meeting the business objectives.

For an SEO audit, the following main factors are to be considered:

  • Hosting and indexing are backend factors
  • Content, metadata, keywords that are frontend factors
  • Link quality

Ways To Generate An SEO Audit Report

Before going into detail about the SEO Audit Report Tools, let us discuss the process to create an SEO audit report. Here are a few ways to generate an SEO audit report.

1. Start Your Audit With A Crawl For About Five Minutes

This is the most important part of the SEO audit report. Before you get more into the website, just crawl over it. Few tools that can be used for this are:

  • SEMrush
  • DeepCrawl
  • Ahrefs
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

Image Source: Mangools 

With these leading tools, it is good to start with a great foundation. Crawlers find the following errors in your website:

  • Bad keywords
  • Broken links
  • Poor images
  • Issues regarding page title
  • Duplicate content
  • Orphan pages
  • Excess redirects

2. Ensure That Your Website Is Available As One Version

You should check that your website works with all combinations of the same URL. This is a very important check because if your website is available in many versions, you are directing many messages to the search engine. The crawlers might not know which version is correct. If your search engine is not aware of the way to project your website, then the traffic to your website gets hit thereby losing SEO rank. This check needs to be performed on both mobile and desktop devices.

Ensure That Your Website Is Available As One Version

Image Source: Website Tooltester

3. Perform On-page SEO Check

For a website SEO audit report, this step is an important one. As the outcome from your crawl during your website evaluation, you need to check for many parameters to ensure that your website is optimized properly. Look out for the following:

  • Duplicate pages
  • Headers
  • Title tags
  • Unrelated content
  • Duplicate content. This can be checked using the Copyscape tool.

Image Source: Alexa Blog

4. Internal And External Links

When there is a logical hierarchy, it improves SEO ranks. Hence, you need to focus on internal and external links as part of your website SEO audit report tools. Many times, as part of the website development process, few web pages might get added, deleted, or moved. This might result in broken links. To identify any broken links, the following two tools would help with it:

These two tools are easy and simple to use.

  • Integrity
  • Xenu Sleuth

Image Source: Moz

5. Check For Your Website Speed

Visitors do not prefer to wait for a long time. If the webpage takes more time to load, then the bounce rate would be higher. Hence for your website SEO audit report, this check is also important as SEO rank depends on the website speed as well. Google’s PageSpeed Insight is used to check the website speed. This tool provides the following:

  • A fast indication of your website speed
  • Your website performance against other websites
  • Guidance to improve the website speed

Image Source: Boo theme

6. Check For The Website Metrics

As part of your website SEO audit report, you need to figure out whether your analytics is in place. Analytics tools like Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, all report the live metric data. For this, you need to check if the code is at the correct location, otherwise, you need to place it at the correct location. Using these tools, you can check the following:

Image Source: Dareboost

7. Have A Backlink Audit

For your website SEO audit report, the backlink is very important and is the main part of SEO success. This way, your page becomes relevant and useful. To perform a backlink audit, make use of the tool Ahrefs. Backlinks audit are useful for the following:

  • You can check how the current link affects your website
  • You can identify the areas to get more links
  • You can outperform with the competitor’s number of backlinks

Image Source: Neil Patel

We have discussed enough on the process of conducting a website SEO audit report. Let us check for the popular tools.

A) HubSpot’s Website Grader

This website audit tool is used for website analysis. HubSpot has created a tool named Website Grader that helps a business to discover various opportunities for search engine optimization.

Website Grader tool analyses the websites and generates reports basis the following metrics:

  • Performance – analyze the website’s page size, speed, requests, and main SEO metrics.
  • Mobile-friendly – checks if your website adheres to mobile devices and is responsive.
  • SEO – checks if your website can be easily found on the internet.
  • Security – check for the SSL certificate. This check will ensure the users that your website is safe to use.

To work with this website audit tool, you are required to provide the website URL and your email address. Once you provide this information, you will get the reports in no time.

B) Google’s Webmaster Tools

This website audit tool is used for website analysis. This tool clarifies Google search fundamentals.

Google’s Webmaster Tools

Google’s tool ‘Fetch as Google’ permits you to check on a URL that Google finds it critical when the tool troubleshoot for the performance of poor SEO. The information got out of this, can help you to modify the page to get better results for your website. This tool also helps you to identify code that causes issues in case you find the website being hacked. This website SEO audit report also has an excellent feature that is PageSpeed Insights. This measures the website’s page speed on any device.

C) Ahrefs

This website SEO audit tool is used for keyword research. This tool scrutinizes your website property and generates links, keywords, and ranking profiles. This would help a good content-based decision.

It has the following main tools:

  • Site Explorer – This provides you detail on the website performance on a webpage.
  • Content Explorer – This guide you to find out web pages that are high-performing with specific topics and keywords.
  • Keyword Explorer – This generates the click-through rates and keywords search volume.

D) Woorank

This website SEO audit report tool is an excellent tool for website analysis. This tool performs a deep analysis of your website and guides marketers with improvements and optimization.

It analyses the following – performance of SEO, usability, social media, and more. Woorank’s report has the following section:

  • SEO
  • Marketing Checklist
  • Usability
  • Social
  • Technologies
  • Local
  • Visitors
  • Mobile

E) Check My Links

This website SEO audit tool is an excellent tool to check the working of internal and external links. This tool helps the publisher to update any corrections before the webpage goes live. This tool will highlight the broken links in red, hence it easy to spot the ones not working.

F) BuzzStream

BuzzStream finds out the correct people throw up with email messages and then be able to track the ones who have accepted each link request. The link building queue gets displayed in this tool interface.

G) Moz’s Pro Tools

This SEO audit report tool is an excellent one for website analysis. It is an all in one tool that helps to increase your SEO rank. Moz tool helps to identify the following:

  • Track growth
  • SEO opportunities
  • Build reports

The Crawl Test tool analyzes about 3000 links for a given URL. Once it is done, users would receive an email report. The report has the detail of where each page on the website links to. This is a helpful tool; in case you are looking out for crawl ability factors like duplicate content. It also redirects to influence SEO performance.

H) Linkody

This tool is the best tool for backlink tracking. One best way to understand the off-page SEO performance is to have a good backlink. The tool Linkody permits you to find out, analyze, track, and disown backlinks that can be accessed from an easy interface. Apart from backlinks check, this tool also checks your links round the clock and let you know any updates to take direct action when a link is broken or missed. This tool spy’s on your competitor’s backlinks. You need to key in your competitor’s URL and the tool would pull all the relevant metrics and links. The data that you get, would help you to find a good backlink for your brand. This tool also provides you with useful insights for metrics related to backlink tracking.

I) UpCity’s SEO Report Card

This tool is used to share your voice and let you for website analysis to find out the way it arranges against your competitors. This tool provides the following:

  • Rank Analysis – This provides the website ranks of your website on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The ranking would be the basis of the main keyword.
  • Link Building – This provides the number of websites that have a link to your website.
  • Site Analysis – This provides you a report on the success of your usage of the keyword.
  • Website Accessibility – This provides the website’s load time.
  • Trust Metrics -This provides the trust level of your website.
  • Current Indexing – This provides the number of your web pages that are indexed.

J) SEMrush

This website SEO audit report tool is used for keyword research. It provides domain performance overall and specific webpages. This tool offers many toolkits and a famous one is the SEO toolkit. Using this toolkit, you can plug into any website page to check your keyword ranking, page rank, etc. Using this tool, you can also compare the performance of your webpage, backlinks analysis, get relevant keywords, and so on.


Conducting a systematic website audit is important for website optimization. When all the website issues are identified, you can work on it and make the website to be at the top. This way, you can be definite about your SEO success.

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