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Best Methodology for Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps have become a trend for businesses. Today, almost every entrepreneur is launching a mobile app for their business. Regardless, mobile app development is not an easy job. A mobile app developer builds every app with high hopes of success and an entrepreneur launches it in the market with the same expectation.

But how do you ensure minimal development cost and maximum output with an app?

The answer: By choosing good developers and designers, and by adopting a clear cut methodology. Here are the two methodologies that businesses are using for mobile app development:

Best Methodology for Mobile Application DevelopmentTE

1. Agile Methodology-  Agile methodology is the best and most efficient methodology, which is being used by most of the companies for mobile app development. Agile development is quick and iterative which makes the mobile app development process easier. Though the process is time-consuming, it breaks down the development process into smaller modules with documentation integration and quality testing at each step.

An agile methodology for mobile app development works on the following principles:

· Customer satisfaction through timely and easy software distribution

· Easy adaptation to changing environment

· Frequent delivery of working software

· Sustainable development

· Face to face communication

· Constant focus on technical soundness and better designs

· Constant collaboration between clients and developers

· Trustworthy and motivated individuals involved in the app development process

· The progress of the project is determined by the state of the app/software – whether it’s working or not.

· Simplicity in terms of increasing the work not to be done is a must

· Frequent opportunities for the team to better themselves

2. Lean Methodology - Lean mobile app development is similar to agile development and has exclusives such as small development teams, high environmental volatility, and short development cycles. Lean development generally falls under the umbrella of agile mobile app development. It focuses on cutting the number of development hours, effort, investment, and waste.

The lean methodology works on the following principles:

· Shorter iterations (due to smaller cycle times)

· Early prototyping

· High degree of collaboration with customers

· Elimination of waste

· Faster delivery of software

· Cost-effective development

· Customer collaboration throughout the app development life cycle

· Lesser wastage of time and lesser financial risk

· Customer behavioral analysis

· Parallel approach to market validation and product (using short iterations)


While agile methodology limits the development time and divides the whole process into smaller modules, the lean development revolves around reducing waste in production and number of tasks i.e. work in progress. Agile methodology encourages a fresh start for all iterations, whereas lean methodology enables continuous flow of tasks.

More than choosing between the agile and lean approach to mobile app development, it is important to adopt the right development practices under either of the methodologies. Since the two methodologies are meant to eventually serve the same purpose-ensure optimized workflows and deliver value to customers.

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