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Best Places to buy Souvenirs Items in Himachal Pradesh

Here are some best places to buy souvenirs Item in Himachal Pradesh, which are given below:-


Himachal Emporium

The Himachal Emporium is located on the Mall road in Shimla. It is the a best places to buy souvenirs Item in himachal pradesh. You can find out a wide collecttion of Kangra silks, Kinnauri shawls, locally designed woolens clothes, pottery items and Jewelery. The prices of all items are reasonable because this shop is running by the Himachal Pradesh Government.

Lakkar Bazaar

The wooden market is situated on the left side of the Christ Church in Shimla. It is also one of the best places to buy souvenirs Item of wooden in himachal pradesh. It is a beautiful and amazing market where you can get wooden items like toys, pens, key chains, and other souvenirs in the market. You can bargain as much as you want.

Lavi Fair

Lavi fair is a famous place in Rampur held in the month of Kartika, roughly in November. It is a very old fair which is related to the sale and purchase of goods. The fair enabled trade between the Bushahr State and Tibet from a long time. Tibetans brings their woolen goods, dry fruits, and medical herbs in this fair for local people and traders while they buy foodgrains, clothes, and utensils from them. ‘Natti’ dances and cultural shows are the main attractions of this fair. it is also the best places to buy souvenirs Item in himachal pradesh.

Mahasu Jatar

This fair is celebrated at a place about 6 KMs from Shimla-Kotkhai road near Mahasu village on the 3rd Tuesday in the month of Baisakha for two days. The fair is a very old one and is held in front of the Durga Devi temple by a large gathering. ‘Natti’ dances and folk songs are performed. Archery game is the main attraction of entertainment. It is a good place to pick up absolutely local Himachal souvenirs.

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