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Coconut is an amazing fruit

Amazingly it contains water in its root

To express its gravity with a rare attribute

When we acquire it to satiate our thirst

After peeling its superficial entity to enjoy our visual trust

We suddenly observe it too contains three eyes

Three in one, a nature’s amazing equation always engulfs us with sheer surprise

Nature, you truly an enigma

We merely bemused by the reflection you produce in our cerebral with unique charisma!

Lotus too appear in human spectrum

Though roots submerged in water, but shoot express its unique quality at random

Color it possess is truly soothing

Magic it produces in our cerebral with symphonic rhythm

Pink signifies we human are well

Flora you are mystic by your rendition with grand yell!

Banana is an amazing fruit too

It alone claim it is capable to woo

Though it is resourceful for peasants

With huge production it alone can yield huge dividends

It engulfs myriad with its capacity for innumerable yield and sustain with exuberance

Poor people! They are deceived by its paramount quality in nature’s floor

Unknowingly poor human welcome their jeopardy in galore

Not knowing their entity in dismay with confusing uproar!

Banana republic is equally same

Where majority are being deceived by minority’s camouflaging flame

Poor mass being duped by its apparent magnificent essence

Minority thus exploit the available situation by their nefarious presence

Though time and space scripts the grand episode

With utter relative sense it explores the situation in haste with predominant chord

Republic though in nomenclature

It alone script the obituary of available majority in utter rapture

Myriad souls perpetually depart without making any significant scar and uproar

What a fallacy we resort to fruits for our lack to gauge the existing gravity

We subscribe to the view that perhaps it is store in our destiny

We blame nature is only instrumental to promote all anomaly

To cause disharmony to the existing human society to produce only cacophony!

Gravity, anti-gravity, motion and demotion

All being mystified in nature’s supreme expression

Three in one if we deduce by observing nature as static

We hardly can realize how momentum from beneath can too having capacity

To transport water from down to up can yield huge fecundity

From root to apex with a quirk

When we know water as DI-electric

Hydrogen alone can make all the difference with sheer amazing trick

Nature, you truly an enigma

From you only we learn quasar, pulsar and all other natural phenomena

 Things happening all over the universe with grand charisma!BLAME FRUITS TO EVADE HUMAN'S TRAIT OF CRUDE!

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Pascal Derrien

1 year ago #6

Ripe & fruition ☝️

Fay Vietmeier

1 year ago #5

Debasish Majumder Debasish ~ "Bemused by the reflection" These “fruits” lend their inflection Your brain does bear much “fruit” ‘~)

Interesting poem dear Debasish Majumder I liked how you attached politics to bananas. Sharing

Debasish Majumder

1 year ago #3

CityVP Manjit

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