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Blog Posts Ideas for Beginner Bloggers

Blog Posts Ideas for Beginner Bloggers

For any blogger, it is very challenging to come up with blog post ideas. Content forms the base for any blog type, and it becomes essential that there has to be a new title always. Having fresh ideas and projecting them to the users is always challenging. If you are a beginner at blogging, go through this article that focuses on the critical points about blog post ideas for beginners that will help you to come up with engaging blogs. You can also get in touch with a content marketing agency Gurgaon to help you with blog post ideas. 

  • Content Strategy – When you plan to start a blog, have a proper strategy for the content. Identify the topic that best fits the market trend. It would help if you kept in mind that successful content does have a specific requirement. For any blog, you need to analyze the content and choose the best feasible for you. These days, the content has two categories – Educational content and Cool, Funny Content. Choose which one to start and research on other blogs to get an idea for the way forward. 

  • Know your Target Audience – Before you start blogging, it is essential that you understand your audience and what the audiences require. Avoid guessing on your audience requirements, instead perform data-driven decisions through competitor analysis and industry research. It may not sound straightforward, but there are many resources that you can use to simplify the process. A few of the tools available for this are:

    • is a free tool to see the most popular keywords used in the industry. 

    • Twitter Advanced Search is a tool where you can type your keyword and choose the filter questions that will display the common questions being asked from the people of that specific domain. 

    • Quora is a popular tool to find questions people ask in your domain. 

    • SEMRush is a paid tool that allows you to spy on your competitors.

Understanding your audience is essential for you to build strong referral links from the right websites. You can use:

  • Google Analytics to search for the website that has the most traffic. With this, you can also check those forums and the domain that the audiences visit. You can get information from that and get connected in various discussions by posting relevant comments and links. Be noticeable to the community who share similar content. 

  • Once you get the target audience, keep in mind when you create content and this will help to expand your network. 

  • Write Attractive Headlines – Attractive headlines are essential for your blog post to be read. So, if you do not have any compelling headline, the chance of your blog being read would be less. The blog post title is essential for the blog’s success. You can run through your headline using the headline analyzer to understand the headline’s emotional marketing value. A few of the headline analyzer tools are EMV headline analyzer, IsItWP’s headline analyzer tool, OptinMonster’s new headline analysis tool, etc. These are free analyzer tools that ensure that you write the most SEO-friendly headlines that get more traffic. 

  • Break up the Page Content using Subheadings and Short Paragraphs – Page formatting is essential for a blog post. It is challenging for the readers to read a blog post that contains a big paragraph. So, it is ideal that you split your full article using subheadings and short paragraphs wherever applicable. Writing appropriate subheadings and short paragraphs make it easy for the reader’s eyes to read the blog post and grab the information all the way. Organize your ideas using subheadings and maintain short paragraphs so that readers can absorb the information quickly. 

  • Make use of Bullet Points – The majority of the readers scan through the blog posts before they get into it to read. You need to make sure that you highlight the best information so that readers quickly check if reading your blog is worth the time and whether the readers would get the right information. Apart from headings, bullet lists are seamless because it is easy to scan through the blog. Here are a few tips for using bullet points to increase readability among readers:

    • Project clear benefits through bullet points and think that bullet points are mini-headlines. 

    • Ensure that bullet points are symmetrical and are of one to two lines each. 

    • Do not write big paragraphs in bullets.

    • Think that bullets are headlines and not sentences. 

People read blogs for a specific purpose and require specific information quickly. Bullet points are an excellent method to provide the right information to the readers in the right way. 

  • Include Images – Readers process visual content faster than text-based content. Hence, include captivating images that would increase the blog’s engagement. There are many sources to get free images, or you can also create your images using many tools. Information represented in images or infographics captures the reader's attention. 

  • SEO Optimization – SEO is quite tricky in blogging. It would help if you did not ignore SEO and put it over the user’s experience. You need to maintain a balance between the two. Organic searches get massive traffic for most of the websites. To increase SEO ranking for the blog, optimize the blog post to get more traffic. A few tips for SEO optimization of the blog post are:

    • Include a proper meta title that projects the gist of the blog.

    • Include a proper meta description. 

    • Optimize the blog for keywords and use related keyword variation. 

    • For images, include alt-text.

    • Include internal links to the content.

  • Place a Clear Call-to-Action – For any blog, ensure that you mention to the readers what needs to be done, either leave a comment, share the blog post, purchase a product or service, follow on the social media, etc. Placing the right call-to-action makes the blog distinguished and stands out. Usually, for any blog post, the call-to-action requests readers to share the content. If your blog is good, most readers will share it, and if your product is right, people will purchase it.

  • Keywords – For any blog to get more audiences, keywords play an essential role. Ensure that you conduct thorough keyword research for your blog and select the popular keywords. Make use of these keywords throughout your blog so that it gets recognized in the search engine. Ensure the following while you choose the keywords:

    • Long-tail Keywords – Long-tail keywords essentially search phrases that have more than three keywords in them. It becomes easy to target long-tail keywords as the competition is less for these phrases due to the three words. With long-tail keywords, it becomes easy to get to the top of the search rank.

    • To get long-tail keywords, initiate it with Google. In Google’s search text, type in a phrase, and observe the auto-complete suggestion that displays. Capture these keywords and check them with the tool Google Keyword Planner. From the tool, analyze which word or phrase gets the most traffic. 

Source - Search Engine Land

  • Quotes – Quotes from the catch for any blog. Whether you write your quote or a famous saying from a great personality, it builds the whole blog post base. So, try to include a relevant quote for the topic and relate the findings with the blog post.


A blog post is essentially an upcoming area where more and more people look to read for getting the right information. So, for any blog that you choose, ensure that you place the right content in the right way.

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Good tips especially the recommended use of long tail keywords.

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When your competitors have greater market share or voice share, it's good to publicly compare yourself to your competitors. There's no benefit in alerting your large audience/base to the existence of a rival if you're bigger (even if they are already aware of it).

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