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BTT TRC 10 Utility Token

BitTorrent Smart Contract Plan 


BTT force is the Global Geometry System, Here you can be a participant and earn Max BTT.




· 10% will be deducted from stages and joining & 5% geometric engine

· This deduction will hold in the BTF community smart contract

· This smart contract balance will be used for the BTF community engineering development cycle.

· Every withdrawal from a community contract will be informed by a community forum

· Community users also get shares from community transactions as BTF TOKEN airdrop.

· Airdrop will be applicable for top markets.







The Global cryptocurrency market The growing inclination of individuals in developed countries towards virtual currency exchange methods will have a tremendous impact on the market during the BTTFORCE period. The integration of blockchain technology in cryptocurrency for fast, secure, and effective transactions will bolster the healthy growth of the market in the forthcoming years.

BTT force is the Global Geometry System, Here you can be a participant and earn Max BTT.

Advantage of BTT FORCE

· This is a completely Smart Contract Works

· There Is No Admin

· 100% Verified Smart Contract Enlisted on the Tron Blockchain

· Recently BTT Provide 500% Growth

BTT Force Smart Contract is one of the BEST Investment & Business Option for the Year 2021. Its Geometry Based Concept powered By Bit Torrent on Decentralized Server. BTT Force System is Design in Such a way it Provides Huge Profit returns if You have some Referral Under You. But at the same time if You have no Referral still system will Provide Profit But it takes more time than the Referral One. Go for BTT Force Registration under our Referral ID to get Auto Spill Over Income.


What is future of BTT Token?

BTT token is work on TRC-10 It is a utility token . Recently its give 500% growth. Bittorrent organization 

and Tron foundation have 50%-50% partnership in this utility token. Obviously its have great future.


BTT force

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