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Bunana: How do reached huge success in food & goods delivery service in Wayanad, kerala?

Bunana: How do reached huge success in food & goods delivery service in Wayanad, kerala?

Nowadays on-demand delivery like food, grocery, etc is one of the important services in the industry. Due to COVID-19, we are understood distance communication is more important, so avoid crowd in the public places. During the pandemic, we have realized the value of food delivery app to order the favorite food from favorite restaurant. 


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In wayanad, Kerala the Bunana serves online food delivery services. This bunana food delivery app startup is one year old and it’s inspired by the pandemic to serve restaurants and people with the required delivery services. 

Table of contents

1.What is Bunana?

2.How Does the Bunana delivery app work? 

  • Vendor app
  • Customer app
  • Driver app

3.Grocery delivery service with Bunana

4.Meat and fish delivery service with bunana

5.Wish to start your online food delivery startups like Bunana?

What is Bunana?

Bunana is an on-demand online marketplace designed to support people with the food delivery service over the Wayanad. The online delivery app helps you finds the nearby café shops, restaurants and bakery with integrated geo location services. Bunana serve not only food, and also serve meat, fish, fresh milk and other groceries via the single applications. Anyway, if you are looking to buying the groceries for professional and personal purpose, all you need to be bunana. 

Always working at the lockdown!

The wayanad online food delivery startup like bunana was started to help the people to get timely food and required service. The wayanad city people are relief in food and required delivery service because of the young entrepreneurs of bunana is help to the people. Moreover, the restaurant owner also got the required groceries for their purpose from the bunana. 

Quick insights! 

During the lockdown period the bunana launched with lot of expectations and dreams. Here, quick and attractive insights about the food delivery app. 

Since launch company turnover: 15M + INR

Total revenue: 2M + INR

Delivery team: 50+riders

How does the bunana delivery app works?

A Bunana online food and grocery delivery application is designed to allow the customers and restaurants to place an order for their purpose. The bunana app is support for iOS and Android, and people are easily download from play and apple store. Here explain bunana delivery app works.

Vendor app

The restaurant app of bunana is designed with a unique UI for allowing the restaurant owner to accept the food and grocery delivery order from the online. 

Features of restaurant app:

  • Accept and reject button
  • Update offers
  • Availability toggle
  • Update menu
  • Items availability toggle  
  • Assign driver

Customer app

The customer application of bunana is designed for the primary customers who wish to order food and grocery online through the app. The customers required to get registered with the customer app and select the correct platforms for ordering the food or groceries. 

Features of customer app:

  • Registration and signup
  • Search the restaurants and category
  • Scroll menu and items
  • Add to cart 
  • Easy and quick checkout
  • Secure payment integrations
  • Live whatsapp support
  • Live food tracking
  • Share review
  • Quick order repeat

Driver app

The driver app is designed to help the customers can easily to get their food on time. Here works of driver app,

  • Once the order is ready to dispatch, the restaurant owners are assign the driver.
  • The driver accepts the delivery order and updates the status. 

The same procedure is continuing for grocery delivery with bunana.

Features of drive app:

  • Availability status
  • Update delivery status
  • Accept/reject delivery button
  • Order summary
  • Driver earning report

Grocery delivery app with bunana


Delivery Solutions

The online grocery delivery becomes an instantly need for the restaurants and other shops live across the sulthan bathery area. This is first online grocery delivery app in this area to help people order their groceries on time without worrying about the corona virus. 

Meat and fish delivery service with bunana

A bunana is also popular for delivery the non-vegetarian foods like chicken, mutton, beef and meat across the sulthan bathery area. The restaurant or residents owners are use this app to book their wholesale orders. 

Wish to start your online food delivery startups like Bunana?

The bunana is one of the best and finest examples for how the right opportunity can be utilized for launching your own business dreams. The tending food and grocery delivery service were considered during the pandemic to enhance their business. 

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