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Buy Lab Grown Diamond | Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturer in india | Aom Diamond

What is a lab created diamond?

When looked at, all you can think of is their beauty. Lab grown diamonds also called synthetic  cultured diamonds are today taking over the fashion world. With famous celebrities endorsing these artificially made gems, they are gaining popularity by the day.

Lab grown diamonds are crafted with the help of cutting-edge technology in laboratories and look similar to a natural polished rough stone. Distinguishing them from their natural counterparts is almost impossible with the naked eye as they share the same physical properties.



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Are lab created diamonds real?

Laboratory created diamonds are indeed real diamonds. Due to their credibility, these artificial diamonds are used everywhere, once ruled by natural rough stones. With the same optical and chemical properties of natural diamonds, lab grown ones can give out shimmer and aura like natural ones. In most cases, they exhibit their beauty even better than the latter. So the statement that ‘lab grown diamonds are fake’ does not hold water. You can go for them as you go for the natural ones.

How are lab grown diamonds made?

Created in highly sophisticated labs set up with the latest technologies, cultured diamonds are created under strict supervision in pre-fixed standards. Hence, they are created in a uniform manner like a normal factory product. An atmosphere is created inside the labs that is highly pressurised and similar to the one that gives origin to natural diamond. The only difference is time frame needed  for the formation. Man-made diamonds can be made within two weeks whereas natural diamonds takes years to get into its complete form.

Why should you buy lab grown diamonds from Aom Diamond?

Aom Diamond promises you only the best of the lab grown diamonds there are. With years of experience in the field, we have tested and tried methods to bring to the floor the incredible man-made stones for our beloved customers. We offer a range of lab created diamonds starting from loose synthetic diamonds to exquisite lab grown blue diamonds.

Our artificial diamonds are made with clear-cut technology giving priority to 4Cs – cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. It is not just the glisten and standard of the diamonds, but also the exemplary service that we offer, that made us one of the most coveted lab grown diamond manufacturers in India. Click here to check out our breathtaking collection of lab grown diamonds.

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