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Emotions cause riots to ones reasons

Centuries long an adage clouded us with various algorithms

But, can we ignore emotions role

How it clouded us, making our visions blur with an unprecedented brawl?

I guess it is the impact of consuming glucose

Causing opacity to our visions in its inherent dispose

Unable to decide how our consciousness to activate

Reducing emotional quotient to a humble state

To serve ultimate to humanity

We are unaware about the catastrophic effect of sugar

In human body politic with its absolute supremacy to cause rigor

Causing huge mayhem to our body system

Abrupt catastrophic blow indeed cause disharmony to our accustomed rhythm!

Sugar coated words are having enormous effect

Having huge appeal in human signaling design

It alone having the strength to malign

Navigating many to align

People are forced to buy

Daring even to vie

And even force a doctrine to take back seat

Fluttering a notion to win over many with a nefarious deed

Alas! We common folk are the softest victims

Centuries long it proceeds in various regimes!

Though I believe majority too possess cerebral

With a brawl it suddenly can pave the way for a short time carnival

From guillotine to massive blood bath

History reveals a continuity of change as the only process with people’s wrath

Where majority play the key role

Valiantly they are obsessed with their pivotal role

If minority having the guts to hoodwink majority

They have to pay the price with an unrestrained symphony

Continuously they are being toppled and subjected to utter ignominy

They will surely being decimated by their inequitable acrimony!

Emotions too have positive influence

On human society it alone can cause huge turbulence

A grand process thus always tend to evolve in nature’s floor

Human resources only emerged as the most precious constituents for changes to explore!

Its impulsive expressions and intense gravity

Ushered the changes in this world with immense brevity

Evolution is the sign of a continuous process

Revolution too accelerates the change with a dynamic coercion, restrain to regress

Thus the human cerebral develops which too a matter

Unity of thought alone produces with immense clatter!

Glucose, Graphite and Diamond, all contain Carbon

An amazing element responsible to form life on Earth in all forms

If it is the only element responsible all forms life on Earth

It also too having potential to obliterate all forms of life on Earth

What a duality and intriguing feature nature display

Where there is no dearth of Mistry always to cause replay

Whether hexagon or polygon and various forms manifest in nature's floor

Carbon alone makes a unique uproar

Though it never repeat

A new form being transformed from the fetus of past only with an insatiable call to defeat!

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For me, t is the coupling of your mind and mine dear Lisa Vanderburg. If this is a petard then it is sweet!

Lisa Vanderburg

2 years ago #7

Ah ha...I am bested again dear Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee :) I decided not to mention the sugar analogies which Debasish Majumder has so brilliantly coated! It appears we are all hoisted on our own petards...altough 'applaud' would be the better impalement!

Dear Lisa Vanderburg- because I wrote a rather lengthy comment I decided not to mention the carbon issue. Thanks for covering it and for the link you provided.

Dear Debasish Majumder- I shall discuss the correctness of science in your buzz.. However; there is one great and witty idea that absorbed me. Your creativity is evident from it. It is in the sequence of the following lyrics: I guess it the impact of consuming glucose Causing opacity to our visions in its inherent dispose Soon afterwards you wrote: Sugar coated words are having enormous effect Having huge appeal in human signaling design It alone having the strength to malign This is a marvelous connection. Consumption of glucose and consumption of sugar-coated words are indifferent. This is a masterful thinking and because we are aware of the cost of the material glucose, we may extend the same to the study of the "intangible" sugar. which is sugar-coated words. Bravo, my friend. I am publishing soon a buzz on removing stains and you shall see the similarity in our thinking.

Lisa Vanderburg

2 years ago #4

An intriguing ode to carbon - the stuff of which is life itself. Well tackled Debasish Majumder, and sorry I've been absent. If carbon is the 'breeding block of life', what of silicone - how would we 'look and behave' then? Good to see you my friend!

Debasish Majumder

2 years ago #3

Milos Djukic

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