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Catering Ideas for Making Your Corporate Event Memorable

Catering Ideas for Making Your Corporate Event Memorable

Food is perhaps the most important part of any event and can make or break it completely. A good way to impress your guests is by good food and whether it’s a house party or corporate meetings and events, one way of doing it is choosing the right caterer.

The right catering services in Montreal will not only serve the menu you select but also help in setting a positive vibe for the whole event, thus making it successful.

So, if it’s a corporate meeting you want your caterer for, you must be having in your mind what to serve and how to make the event a success. Here are some catering ideas to add to them and make sure that your guests leave the event in a good mood.

Food and Drink Choices

Serving good food is important and any good caterer can make delicious dishes and make your event successful. But you need to make sure that the dishes you select satisfy your guests’ tastes. So, you need to build a menu keeping in mind your guests. Here is what you can try.

Regional Specialties

Locally sourced food or regional specialties are a great thing to add to your menu. All the more so if you are planning an international meeting. It’s a great way to give your guests a warm welcome to the region. Not only that, but it’s also easier to find a good catering service that serves local delicacies.

Seasonal Dishes

Offering your guests seasonal dishes can be a good idea. Every season has some delicacies to offer and including those in your menu will only leave your guests satisfied. What’s more, finding those foods can be more cost-friendly than finding non-seasonal foods. So, if you have a low budget for catering, including seasonal dishes is a great choice.

Creative Catering Ideas for Corporate Events

Once you have decided what to serve, now you can turn your creative mind on and decide how to serve them. Just a ‘sit and eat’ will not do much in impressing your guests and you should take a step further to make things interesting. Here are some things you can try and include.

Creative Food Stations

As mentioned, you’ll do well if you try and make things a bit more interesting. Setting up several thematic food stations throughout the venue can help a lot in this respect. Not only will the guests be having the option to choose what they want, but they can also pick their portion size. What’s more, you can even set things up where they can cook it for themselves.

DIY is trending in catering and you can assemble some ingredients at the food stations and encourage your guests to be more experimenting and cook something for themselves.

Mobile Food and Drink Buses

If you have little or no time to prepare a buffet area or install a bar for your event, you can go for mobile catering instead. There are a lot of options available, from vintage food trailers to mobile bars to spread food across the venue.

One advantage of using mobile trucks and buses is that you can even use it to market your company name or brand. All you need to do is put your company logo on these trucks and your branding will be taken care of.

Corporate catering is special and you have to keep in mind your guests’ choice and also make efforts to make things interesting and memorable. The tips given above will surely help you in creating your own menu and ideas for serving the food. If you are looking for quality catering services in Montreal, you can always approach us. With our delicious dishes, we will be more than happy to help you make your event successful and well-remembered.

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