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Colors and its presence

 Having huge impact to human spectrum with unique essence

It do contain flavor

We are largely influenced by its resplendent glamour!

Green pigments are essential for plants

It enables photosynthesis to perform with elan

Without food none can exist in this planet Earth

Our existence will be precarious for its dearth.

Red is an amazing color

I wonder the creatures consume plants enable them to produce huge clamor

They exist with blood which having the color red in their blood

The only vehicle they contain to ensure their existence on Earth's floor in rapture

The vehicle which carry oxygen having the color red

To facilitate them to sustain with adequate nutrients and validate!

Beyond seven colors

There are myriad colors

Which our visionary do not permit

But they do exist and emit

We are only allured by red and its vibe

It really do have strength to enable many activities to sustain, restrict or thrive

A duality it alone possess 

Amazingly it works to ensure our existence and progress

It plays a pivotal role

For plants to express its grand role 

Flowers focused with myriad colors

But red plays the key role for them to focus

I wonder whether it have any relevance which they declare eloquently

For myriad creatures to have blood with color red to express their entity vibrantly!


Plants and animals complement each other naturally

Nature's devise are being displayed uniquely

Despite having difference in colors apparently

The rudimentary essence is to live and let live being resonated equivocally

Red is truly an alarming color

Ignoring its gravity will only beckon jeopardy to the entire ecosystem 

Unequal dispensation of its energy and flavor

Will only script the obituary of all existing creatures destiny and their ephemeral clamor!

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Fay Vietmeier

2 years ago #2

Debasish Majumder ... very colorful ;~) I share the "Flavor ... glamour" of COLOR ... which reveal God's glory & WONDER Colors and its presence Having huge impact to human spectrum with unique essence It do contain flavor We are largely influenced by its resplendent glamour!

Debasish Majumder

2 years ago #1

Fay Vietmeier,

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