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I am afraid of kids

Who are forced to live a life devoid of usual treats

Owing to a pandemic and its detrimental flow

They receive the strictest blow

Like a caged bird

Their wings are clipped and ripped apart

They are forced to believe with sheer fear

Flying is an ailment which they force to buy with despair

Having no alacrity to fly and soaring high

What a subdued mindset they are designed accept only to sigh!


Numerous birds die everyday silently

Their dead bodies we cannot observe evidently

They die in their own nest

When they loss their capacity to fly and crave for perpetual rest

There lies no sign of their mundane fest

They silently script their obituary without any ceremonial zest!


I wonder about the fate of kids with no such uproar

How quickly their colorful presence will be obliterated from nature's floor

How they will force to conclude their lives in haste

What a sad development we are supposed to observe helplessly only to regret!


Children are our only future

We occasionally claim with grand rapture

Hardly we heed to their clamor

Their cry only fall into our deaf ear

Like the cry of trees and plants in our available milieu

We are frantic to gain profits by our self designed rubric

After all we adults are enough knowledgeable out of our physiological fabric

We arrogantly declare humans are only supreme

Declaring war against nature is our top most agenda which we consider only prime

Hardly we care about our progeny

We even do not care to create an amenable milieu for our posterity

Can we truly consider ourselves as sensible

Where our every act bears the testimony we are utterly reprehensible!


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