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Genes are segments of
DNA-specific codes for
specific traits.

Oh! I am feeling hot

I feel like removing my all my apparel to ensure comfort

They are woven by cotton

A plant uniquely makes huge impact to human's social echelon

A basic need for our very existence

Will I ponder how it works with prevalence?

It is a unique invention which human only unearth

Allowing us to cover from crisis posed by nature alone which never in dearth

Plants exist out of human's excretion

Human and plant complement each other for giving supplement with amazing rendition

I only admire the bounty nature endow to us

Where unity in opposites sustain in chorus!


People of our dear planet Earth are constantly entangled in war

To confuse their enemy they resort to gorilla warfare

Gorillas are amazingly having twenty four sets of sex chromosomes

Unlike human they are having huge appeal for our strategic warfare norms

All we love to adorn ourselves with camouflaging attire to confuse our enemy

We human tend to emerge as champion in our available social texture with sheer hegemony!


Cotton plant or gorilla

Surprisingly having the same chromosomes number

Majority of fishes too having the same chromosomes number

To make a grand panorama

Difference are only in their chambers of heart

I wonder how we are infused to imitate them in our social traditional spat!


Our wounds too heal

By the help of cotton in due time only to reveal

It not only save us from shame

We innately embark on it for its fascinating expression and fame!


We human are poor creature too

We can only make huge hue and cry in our available milieu

Hardly we could envisage the intriguing motion

Which only determine all matters to emerge in nature's floor with grand rendition

Heat, temperature and pressure are the only determining factors

Whether wound or getting healing touch in due tenure

Our attire too help us to fight innately against all adversities nature poses on us

To keep us warm and declare our supremacy audaciously in chorus

Fighting against nature is an inherent quality only facilitate us to survive

Against all adversities we human confront only to ensure our entity with jubilant vibe

Defeat we human no longer desirous to buy

Precisely for which we human are in prevailing status in our society with extreme high!


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Fay Vietmeier

11 months ago #2

😇@Debasish Majumder 

“Intriguing” indeed .. Debasish 

Chromosomes are a reflection of God's incredible design 

we are "fearfully & wonderfully made"


.. I share your intriguing inspiration .. 😇

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