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I wonder why we tend to evaluate people out of their religion

Why can’t we consider humanity should be ones only religion

Whatever the caste, creed and sex one may possess

Ultimately the only parameter is how one accelerate humanity’s success

Black, brown or white

The color of skin one may unable to hide

Are they having any confusing role?

To determine their colors are responsible for causing any hyperbole!

I wonder how color navigates us for a false pride

Apart from causing mayhem to humanity

What else they can contribute to our graceful vanity

Century’s long history reveals

Intriguing colors of human race are the true source for all ignominy and evils

Still we take pride out of our color

It is only we consider superior in human stature!

White is a synthetic color

Black absorbs all by its intriguing character

What an amazing contrast we observe in glare

It only professes its tendency in nature’s floor with a pernicious snare!

True heart is the only prism

Enable colors to disperse with intriguing form

It is the heart which only cries for oppressed and downtrodden

Who are subjected to humiliations since time immemorial in brazen!

Heart is the only natural pneumatic pump

It only ensures the blood like vehicle to triumph

It only stops once to act which is perpetual

We translate it with ornamentation as death in our reflections in cerebral

We may only express remorse, craving the departed soul to rest in peace!

what a tragic satire we ourselves construe to deceive!  


Thus we make huge hype to bestow our imitation love in grief

Hypocrisy is the only devise we can perfectly render in brief

Only to pay tribute to past, which pounce on us in mournful atmosphere

It is a wonder why we love to script elegy

Not offering due respect to living, but love to scripting the epitaph in eulogy!

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Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #5

thank you very much Geoff Hudson-Searle for your continuous support and warm appreciations. i am privileged and honored.

Geoff Hudson-Searle

3 years ago #4

Another great buzz Debasish Majumder I have always believed that irrespective of your colour, race, religion or beliefs you are a human being with equal qualities and value sets to the next person, this should be respected, but unfortunately this is not always the case in todays world.

Dear Debasish Majumder- sometimes I just wonder while such issues occupy our minds. Racism, color differences place of birth and religion besides many other issues take more emphasis than solving so many complex human problems such as cancer. Sometimes I wonder if we are that intelligent ! "True heart is the only prism Enable colors to disperse with intriguing form"

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