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“Listen Anirban, since my marriage, I don’t know exactly what actually triggers you to be engrossed in writing, despite you numerous times tried to pursue me that, one day you will become famous. Your poems, stories and novels will bring huge fortune to you. But, honestly speaking, I find it all trash, as none heeds to your writings. Yet, you are constantly investing considerable amount of money, which are your hard earnings in self-publishing books, but, sadly I observed, nobody is buying your books and you are performing miserably bad. I cannot understand, what exactly trigger you to devote your time and diligence by writing all trashes, which are being exclusively discarded by the readers. Instead, if you would have devoted time in focusing and investing more time on our only son, enabling him to navigate him in the right path, which can ensure him to make a promising career, then his future at least could be assured. So see, how contagious your own practices, which has also affected your son, indulging him to opt for a path of his life, pursuing his own passion too, only to ensure that, he will equally go for astray. He is also addicted with his passion in music, which equally having no assurance of success in future. I am afraid, what will happen to him in future and in absence of us, not being financially stable, how he will manage to pull out his livelihood in a decent order! My service luckily suffices us to combat with such financial adversities at present, but, what will happen to him in absence of us. My retirement is also not very far. Can’t you realize that, an unsuccessful son is a greatest curse to a parent? Really, I am amazed, how non-impulsive you are!” 

Anita, Anirban’s wife, made such comment, while they three are having their dinner in the table. Anirban remains quiet. But, their son, Ankit, cannot restrain from retaliation. He replies, ‘mom, you know nothing about art. How an artist struggle to produce his creation, what pain he endures to give birth to his creations, how tedious and brain storming activities he is engaged with, is beyond your imagination. You only tend to equate everything in terms of money, wealth and mundane gains. How could you envisage an artist’s endeavor? But, one day, you will see how Dad is being eulogized. I guess, then only you can realize an artist’s realm. People observe and tend to treat a successful person as a cult figure, moment he is awarded with any prestigious award. The money, fame and accolades immediately make a person celebrity, but, his struggles to reach to such height remain unknown! This is perhaps the destiny of all successful and famous people!” 

 Then Anirban participated to mother and son’s conversation and aiming at his wife, he said, ‘well Anita, you know me for a considerable time. We are married since twenty six years. I am afraid; this is what your evaluation regarding me? Am I ignored my duty towards you as well Ankit? Did not I love you both from core of my heart? Did not I spend quality time out of my utmost ability with you people? Am I hesitated to spend money to facilitate your life style out of the salary I get from my school teacher’s job? Am I indulged to enjoy my life in an indecent way and in indiscipline manner? Moreover, you know me since my college life, how passionate I am to capture the reflection I receive from nature as well external world, my society, the people in and around my ambiance, their vibes, their struggles and pains, as well, their happiness. I indulge myself in writings, which is my only passion. Is it a crime? Am I responsible, if my readers discard me? They equally have the liberty whether to read my books or nor. But, why should I accuse them, not helping me to become famous? They are not my bait, out of which I will become famous.” 

 Anita retorted, “then, why you devoting your time uselessly? Why can’t you focus on your profession, which can yield dividends and virtually help you to become financially more stable? After all, at the end of the day, it is money which only talks and that also in a pragmatic sense, rest all are non-sense. Even the alibi you are resorting to.” 

 Anirban evidently felt, it is useless to convince her, as she only means success is money and wealth. Besides, he could realize her constraints and limitations. She is like all other ordinary common people, who equate everything in terms of money and mundane pleasures. Despite, spending considerable time under the same roof, she felt how unknown they are to each other in terms of faculty! Equally, he acknowledges too, that he is also responsible, not to make her convinced about his goal, ambition and aspiration, that is, to tap the reflections of people in an available society he is confronting with and to translate their pains, sufferings as well, euphoria, which is guided by the external world they are dwelling with, and how the external influence them, even navigate them to confront with a situation cropping up in front of them, and who failed to adapt with such changing scenario, what fatality it eventually yield, how they feel helpless and become a puppet, a softest prey to the ecosystem they unknowingly dwelling with and Anita is no different too! 

 However, after completing the dinner, Anirban and Ankit, both resorted to their respective room. Anita too, after completion of her routine work went to bed and soon slumber engulfs her, owing to her day’s work, which made her fatigued too. But, the high pitch of discussion reverberates to the ears of Anirban. He resorted to his working table, immersed himself to his passion, that is writing and when dawn almost appears, he too felt fatigued and finally resorted to bed. The following day is holiday and he knows, he can sleep till late hours to balance the deficiency of sleep. But, being accustomed with writing almost every day late hours at night, ignoring the nature’s law, indulging to explore his fancy of writing, he also unknowingly developed a disease. If one ignores nature’s law or design, then nature will inevitably take its toll. Anirban too developed an ailment, which abruptly revealed, forcing him to admit in a hospital. After number of clinical tests, the doctors came out with the findings that, he has developed a lung cancer and which is malignant in nature. His time in this world is now short. Nobody can live for infinite time. Everyone has to die one or the other day. But, death always appear as stranger to everyone’s life, and in case of Anirban, his life style has paved the way to hasten the progress of his perpetual departure from this mundane world. Anirban’s mental strength is enormous. Knowing about his short life span, he is no longer worried. He remains busy by indulging his passion for writings. A novel, he recently concluded suddenly became huge hit in the market. The applause from every quarter inundated him. But, he remains unnerved. Government awarded him with the most prestigious award for his contribution in the field of literature. The prize money of the award is equally substantial for him and his family. Immediately he took notice a change in his wife’s view and vision as well her evaluation regarding Anirban, as she now herself got an identity of distinction as Anirban’s wife, which made her proud for her husband, entirely forgotten that, few months back also Anirban is considered as an useless element to her! Anirban is now enjoying the change in the milieu he is dwelling with and how quickly it is changing. Now his alacrity to live for longer years is increasing. On contrary, he could evidently realize that, time is the only tyrant and the enigma of time has utterly perplexed him. But, he cannot rule out, that time and perseverance to observe the reflections in nature is only responsible for all his accolades. Besides, the changing phenomena in nature, emerging the new economic, cultural and social fabric, where the acute contradiction people are facing, struggling to adapt with new social design, new life style. Not able to realize the reason of crisis they are confronting with and how the available society is going through experiencing a severe pain, equal to that of labor pain, though intending, but unable to give birth comfortably a new design or form, resulting them to experience an excruciating pain. Consequently, weird attitudes are manifesting in manifold. The numbers of crimes are increasing in an alarming rate and even they cannot justify what tempting them to perform such heinous acts. But, when Anirban observes their pain, his own pain become too insignificant, as well his happiness becomes ephemeral too. He only is being moved with the pains of majority, triggering him to write more.

 In a certain day, he appears for the award giving ceremony along with his family. While he has been asked to deliver his speech in front of the large audience, he literally lost his tongue. He only struggles to deliver, ‘it is because of my country men, I have been awarded and I dedicate my award to my countrymen only, whose livelihood, struggle and pains trigger me to resort to pen. I am privileged and honored for the people, who finally acknowledged my hard work as their work.’ Afterwards, he quit the dais and dragged out from the auditorium for recluse. He gradually dragged himself to the nearby sea shore and rested himself in a lonely place, observing the continuous flow of waves how splashing on the shore and the flow of under current making billows and foams and the sunset light making a dazzling effect on water waves, as if the sparkling jewels are abundantly oscillating in the nature’s bosom! Staring on the sky above appears as if, red color smears on it, having the resemblance with the blood bathed battle field. The color read seems being stolen by nature from him, or, he is confused whether he has stolen the color red from the nature! Sun set sky and his life which is advancing towards its end having a close proximity which he cherishing in the twilight evening. What success has ultimate brought to him and its flavor, making him utterly confused! Success is the product of hard toil and requires profuse blood, the only food to kindle success! Is it the success which people crave for? The only question haunting him at this juncture when life itself has lost its charm and craving to be obliterated, the ultimate destiny of all human being. Yet, he cannot rule out the only enigma of life is how to make a prolific impact on majority and make a perpetual impact on mortals for infinite time to follow! Life, a unique matter, always in a process of transformation and a new quality or form it makes, enable one to usher for further progress and make a new quality, beyond any one capacity to assess! Is it called the butterfly effect? Anirban entirely engrossed in deep thought, not knowing how time is engulfing him, making equally its food, a product, which might be the inevitable consequence, what he is confronting with!


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Debasish Majumder

4 years ago #11

thank you very much sirIan Weinberg for your valued comment. i am privileged and honored.

Ian Weinberg

4 years ago #10

Great narrative Debasish Majumder Many important life issues deftly woven together.

Lisa Gallagher

4 years ago #9

Life most certainly is always transforming, just when I think I have things figured out, I need to make a change again. Thanks Debasish Majumder, great read.

Debasish Majumder

4 years ago #8

Don \ud83d\udc1d Kerr

Debasish Majumder

4 years ago #7

Sara Jacobovici
it is indeed always a story about transformation, love your post Debasish Majumder
Great story, Debasish. Enjoyed the read. Diligence should be our only master.

Debasish Majumder

4 years ago #4

Brian McKenzie

Debasish Majumder

4 years ago #3

Don \ud83d\udc1d Kerr

Debasish Majumder

4 years ago #2

Javier \ud83d\udc1d beBee

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