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I wonder, if killing is the only resolution

Centuries long the trend in exposition

Unable to restore or sustain peace

Irrespective of religions or tenets in practice!

Feudalism and religious doctrines tried to reduce all fiendish crafts and feud

Ignoring the inequality by all means are responsible, causing polarity in profuse

Whoever is gaining the approval and patronage of state?

Tried to pounce and promote its hegemony with haste

A restive state of religious order

Continuously in shuffle to execute its paramountcy with chaos and clatter

A weapon resorted by state

Just to exploit helpless majority to its supremacy with behest!

Unequal distribution of wealth

Causing detriment to any nation’s health

Inadequate jobs and appraisal

People are forced to confront with mess, not able to judge proper rebuttal!

The whirlpool of despondence

The only reason to generate sheer mayhem and abhorrence

Whether rites, rituals or race

Always emerge as the major agenda to address

Alas! Poor mass. They are subjected to only subordination with sheer disgrace!

When a shootout or heinous killings being organized by any religious fanaticism

They are being acknowledged with new warfare, titled as terrorism

But of late in a mosque

Numerous people are killed with rancor

It is considered as a case of infantile disorder by few miscreants, just a technical error

Just for the sake of gadgets

They made such niggle, not at all any serious buffets

Though they performed such infamy

Not being termed surprisingly as a felony!

Still we try to cover them

Urging not to take their name

Lest they will garner fame!

I wonder, without the coordination of Jew, Christian and Islam and other religious sects

Can renaissance in Europe emerge in Earth’s bosom to make sensible dent

Now when we fail to promote any progress or ingress

How could we restrict us from sheer regress?

Just to resort to an alibi

Muslims are responsible for all form of terrorism

Is not it just a weapon to nullify?

Racial discrimination is prevalent in our psyche to usher such crimes to justify

Resorting to supremacy of white race with a preposterous ratify!

But terrorism has certainly no color

White, black, race or rites, all are inhuman in their clamor

Only a means to beckon jeopardy

Paving the decimation of humanity

We all must express our resentment with abhor

Irrespective of race, color or religion, all are enemy to humanity in galore!

CONFUSED ENEMY!Never argue with stupid
people, they will drag

you down to their =
level and then
beat you with
Mark Twain

Present world is experiencing a sheer polarity

Sought for discarding the extremist’s name with an aim not to give any publicity

Is not it a sheer hypocrisy?

When Muslims are being sync in idiocy

Accusing them for all barbarian expeditious tendency

A man irrespective of religion appears in our spectrum as a mater

The reflection it causes in our eyes with certain quality we assume

How could we gauge the hidden perfidy, beyond our capacity to presume?

We are utterly bemused by the presentation of veils

It alone can cause huge raucous to Maori and marvel!

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Unfair judgment and stereotyping = "The whirlpool of despondence". Today's woes superbly expressed, Debasish Majumder.

"Still we try to cover them Urging not to take their name Lest they will garner fame!" Thank you dear @Debasish for sharing this beautiful poem. Unfortunately, the criminals still garner fame because the media cares more for killing news than for good acts. We need to change if this trend is to be reversed.

Pascal Derrien

2 years ago #6

when its not obscurantism its territorial when its not collectivism its doctrinal and so it goes and so it goes...…..

CityVP Manjit

2 years ago #5

A very poignant and passionate poem.

Debasish Majumder

2 years ago #3

Geoff Hudson-Searle

Debasish Majumder

2 years ago #2

CityVP \ud83d\udc1d Manjit

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