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CONFUSING BACK UP PLAN!I am nowadays conversant with back up plan

Which I came across from egalitarian's claim

Who are only conversant to access from their point of view

How to make wealth out of the available situation to accrue

I must doff off to few

Who are capable to express their entity with élan with a distinct hue!

Minority are exquisite for their capacity to create their own realm

Majority are truly belong to comparatively backward frame

Who only struggle to eke out just to sustain

They sadly become the worst victim for centuries long existing mayhem

Continuous transformation and change only reveal in societal structural regime

Surprisingly the superior clan 

Retain their hegemony with their nefarious plan

Majority who are treated as inferior

Subjected to atrocity from superior's rancor!

We tend to search water in other planets and satellite

The only condition for life to thrive

No back up plan we yet capable to formulate

We too are nature's intriguing design just to address nature and warmly reciprocate!

Still we desperately search of a back up plan too

Yet our endeavors till now became futile and unable to rescue

But we can evidently envisage

Out of our activity to combat nature and it's posed adversity

We may claim civilized, but surely threatening our existence with our inherent proclivity

Cloud of back up making us blind, stealing our sense of integrity!

If we face in near future extreme scarcity of water

Our existence will evaporate from nature's floor without an iota of clamor

We truly are in dearth of back up plan

We are struggling to fetch water from any possible point with a hope of a back up plan!

Water itself is a compound

We too are are product of nature's design of reconciliation tune

Where male and female are integral part of our existence

Unity of both help our progeny to explore with exuberance in persistence

Only misogyny can suppress female but no longer can glorify humanity's essence

Unity in opposites is the nature's only pristine essence

Discriminating one from the other in search of back up plan

Can only ruin human race from nature's floor in search of such hurly burly plan!

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John Rylance

John Rylance

8 months ago #8

Thank you Pascal, i wont shelve my What Ifs yet, in case someone disagrees.

Pascal Derrien

Pascal Derrien

8 months ago #7

thats a fair point John :-)

John Rylance

John Rylance

8 months ago #6

I feel you are overlooking the scenario where it becomes apparent that the object of your plan doesnt respond/react as you expect. Then you need a " what if", perhaps several what ifs. If you been through all the what ifs before deciding on a strategy, you have plans to fall back on. Plans that fail are often those where no possible alternatives have been decided upon as backups. Backups can be seen as supportive of the original plan, not replacements. Debasish thank you for getting me thinking, with your to me unique way of expressing yourself.

Pascal Derrien

Pascal Derrien

8 months ago #5

Conversant is an interesting word. I kind of agree with Lada and you are rightly outlining the obsession with back up what about getting it right the first time around :-)

Mohammed Abdul Jawad

Mohammed Abdul Jawad

8 months ago #4

Insightful poem. It seems mankind is in a mess with too many deficiencies, disasters and doldrums. And the world itself is heavily burdened and ready to disclose her chronicles with the sketches and summaries of evil, sufferings and the text and themes of greater spoil.

Lada 🏡 Prkic

Lada 🏡 Prkic

8 months ago #3

Your poem reminded me that I have read about the possibilities of how to backup life on Earth. We desperately search for a backup plan. To echo some scientists, there's no back-up Earth.

Debasish Majumder

Debasish Majumder

8 months ago #2

Milos Djukic

Debasish Majumder

Debasish Majumder

8 months ago #1

Pascal Derrien

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