Debasish Majumder

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Everything is fair in love and war

Centuries long an adage inspire us to justify all our unfair affair

We tend to subjugate people out of race, creed and color

Hardly we can fathom the cause of melanin in skin determine our behavior

Melanin plays a major role

To attribute with distinction in human's apparent brawl!

Black and white

Entangled in fight

Supremacy in color, precisely white

Upholding their might, claiming they are supreme to subjugate black with false pride

After all it is human labor which facilitate all changes in this Earth

We all would be in utter distress if there is laborer's dearth

Poor black! they are forced to subjugate

Centuries long a tendency ingrained in human's faculty with inordinate transgress!

Since inception of human race

Owing to immense heat in the equatorial trait

They are forced to move

Obviously with an instinct to soothe

Wherever they anchored

They thrived with vigor

Fighting against nature

They designed their own nomenclature

They proved their supremacy in nature's floor

Unknowingly they focused themselves, despite they too are nature's grandeur

Human civilization progressed wherever they ingresses

Building a tomb to symbolize their success

White dominated black in due course with their stirring and thriving access!

Later black too proved their quality

From coal to diamond, a process, where a determining force is quantity

Eventually black truly reign to augment the civilization to progress with haste

Energy, a driving force, only determining source for success

From fossil fuel to all form of energy

Where black plays the championing symphony

Should not we crave for a synergy

Where black and white both exist with harmony?

Color, anti-color, matter, anti-matter

All dwell in our available milieu with clatter

Should we ignore the black matter

Which comprised majority of our universe with mystic cloud in rapture?

We may not equally able to fathom

How we act, react in what circumstances at randomCONFUSING BLACK AND WHITE'S DUAL!

We too are matter with a changing phenomena

Where black or white hardly act as an excuse to conclude human's construed panorama!

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Archaic mindsets see skin color as a label. So unfortunate!

John Rylance

1 year ago #11

I think they just need figuratively to be rose coloured glasses to have positive feelings about someone/something. I read somewhere that the opposite of these glasses is "blinders". Could refer to those who can't see past a person's colour.

Fay Vietmeier

1 year ago #10

“The problem is not the color of skin but rather the inability to see humanity in all colors.” Jerry Fletcher Lord, give me glasses that see rainbows When I look at someone ... I do not know

Fay Vietmeier

1 year ago #9

Debasish Majumder My favorite lines: Should not we crave for a synergy Where black and white both exist with harmony? Sharing in the hope that many bees catch the spirit ;~)

Fay Vietmeier

1 year ago #8

Jerry Fletcher May it be ... our eyes can see "The problem is not the color of skin but rather the inability to see humanity in all colors" A lovely quote tucked away ;~)

he is a bee poet, colorful and wise

I fully agree with Jerry Fletcher humanity is much more than colors. If only everyone would respect that.

Jerry Fletcher

1 year ago #4

Debasish, Today's flashpoint is white in Blue killing black. Then, too it is black and white killing blue. Over the centuries the six levels of melanin have warred on each other. The problem is not the color of skin but rather the inability to see humanity in all colors. And so it goes.

Dear Debasish Majumder A heart-breaking poem. You remind me of the ancient Arab poet " they mock me because of my dark skin- don't they know that id it wasn't for the blackness of night nobody will see the bright dawn". And yet and for centuries such issues still interest us! Humans's behavior is unexplained quite often

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