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I am feeling excruciating pain

Despite I am not hurt physically

But my observation causing impact in my cerebral hugely

As I noticed myriad people are subjected to atrocity

Though they all are trying their best

To combat the predators behest

But, alas! all are in vain

Minority who are responsible for their infliction capable to continue their reign!

There is always a distinction between majority and minority

Minority though appear as meager

But their strength is enormous with profuse vigor

They are capable to make upside down

Where majority helplessly observe they appeared as mere clown

People are cracking pranks on them

Ignoring how disgracefully they are subjected to ignominious mayhem

Thus minority accrue their dividends and flame

Centuries long minorities inherent strength gains illegitimate fame!

Pain or joy

A feeling abstract in nature being received by our sensory organs

An external reflection

Largely influence our internal configuration

Despite we cannot rule out

It is our internal which plays the prime role to sprout

Enabling us to catch the external's entity

Virtually endorse majority's vulnerability

Where minority's role of tyranny

Sums the available equation favoring minority's cacophony

No pain, no gain became our overwhelming slogan

where majority tend to accept with mystic jubilation

After death perhaps solace will welcome majority

An imaginary realm can soothe majority

I wonder how long this fallacy may engulf their faculty without sensible nonconformity!

Pain and joy no longer mere child's affair

It is the matured's definition to translate their aspirations and flavor

To resort to child and tend to make memorial of them

We covert our expressions only to promote our construed musical rhythm

Mesmerizing their memory

We matured can only brazenly claim to institute a social harmony!

* You were born to

do.more than just
go to work, pay bills,
© 0 and die.

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Liesbeth Leysen, MSc.

3 years ago #10

we were born to be ourselves, and that makes all the difference, love your art to tell us more about life and its wisdom Debasish Majumder thank you

Pascal Derrien

3 years ago #9

That was a thought provoking read ☝️

Mark Blevins

3 years ago #8

A poem by someone in my network

Mark Blevins

3 years ago #7

A poem by someone in my network

Mark Blevins

3 years ago #6

A poem by someone in my network

CityVP Manjit

3 years ago #5

Remember that we can flood our sensory system based on the kind of feed we receive or tune into, where what keeps us attentive is also what media companies know they need to focus on to maintain their ratings. There is enough natural pain that life offers us, without allowing the pain media feeds to heighten our sensory response. We should be mindful of the atrocities and the awful things that happen in this world, but we must also ask ourselves whether we have slanted our attention to far into the misery that media brings us and whether we pay sufficient attention to those developments which are showing that the world is actually improving or at least a much less violent version than compared to prior centuries. Imagine what the news would have looked like with World War 1 and World War 2 and all the tumult that occurred in the 20th Century.
Can we experience joy without experiencing pain? Great use of an idiom, Debasish Majumder, the greatest joy can be found by turning the pain of others into joy.

Ali Anani

3 years ago #3

Dear Debasish Majumder- reading your buzz is a joy even some lyrics are painful. This is paradoxical, but when joy and pain were not coupled. Your poem reminded me of my last buzz where I find the greatest joy is turning the pain of others into joy. In our chaotic world few shall understand or believe what I am saying. This is one of your best poems as it speaks to the heart of your readers.

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #2

Paul Walters

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