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When we observe Sun

Rising in the Eastern horizon with anon

In our human spectrum

It is the only real that Sun alone is the reason for our existence at random

I wonder how many of us still consciously able to evaluate

Sun alone is responsible for us to rejuvenate

Though fake in its apparent appearance in our eyes

Sun is stationary not our eyes

It alone gives us the energy

For which cornea of our eyes make unique synergy

What we observe is real

I wonder how many of us can discriminate real with surreal?

All matters in the world having a real face

It reflects in our cerebral with haste

Its inherent qualities too having an appeal

We are sheer moved by its amazing trove to influence us with smile

Can we repel or repeal the truth that beauty or ugly lies on the eyes of the beholder

Without human eyes it has no gravity, neither any nomenclature!

It is truly the mystic nature

It always tend to make a caricature

Human alone with its superior brain

Having a tendency to emulate everything with a natural train

Thus they entwine face and musk both

We are bemused to clarify and ask its pertinence and growth

We are in quandary which one is true and which one is false

Both are nature’s unique fabric, none to loathe

A contradiction which always prevail in our internal design in intrinsic stroke

Both are having an amazing motion with a continuous form of change

Where evaluation is the basic essence

None can rule out its presence

Nature alone crafts plenty of ingredients with numerous flaws

We are sheer helpless while judging natural laws!

But in due time

Motion and its three dimensions

Up and down, back and forth as well left and right ensues with emphatic expression

It is truly difficult to scale

Where we lie and how we prevail

If we dare to scale the height

Nothing can emerge as an impediment to our stride

It alone enables us to uphold and sustain humanity

We are humane which alone proves out of our wit and brevity.

faced people.
It's so hard to

decide which face

What a grand protocol nature alone construe

Where face and musk both are adhered to confuse us with rue

But we have faith on us to discriminate and adieu

Between false and true which one to accept with its intensity of hue

Musk though capable to produce huge ruckus

It is ultimately face which only exists without any fracas!

We are no longer intimidated by fake

We are human with exquisite brains, agile and awake

Our mission only to save our planet from greed and impending disaster

Our odyssey is only aiming to make prolific gesture

There is no dearth in this Earth

To retain its color blue in its orbital birth!

This buzz dedicated to sir Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee who inspire me to write this buzz.

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Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #6

Debashish, Real. Surreal, Real, Surreal. there is the true description of the world in which we live. And so it goes.

CityVP Manjit

2 years ago #5

You know that I am going to absolutely love this one !

Debasish Majumder

2 years ago #4

thank you very much sir Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee for your incessant support and warm appreciation. i am privileged and honored.

Even though my time is very busy these days, I am glad that I made sometime to enjoy your poem. I enjoyed every line of it as much as I enjoyed some provocative lyrics. One provocative idea is: "We are no longer intimidated by fake We are human with exquisite brains, agile and awake Our mission only to save our planet from greed and impending disaster" I wish we preserve our nature and that the global pollution would be minimized. I appreciate your dedication and I am glad that I had a minor role in your inspiration. Thank you my friend for writing this superb poem.

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