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Black and white

These two colors always capable us to hypnotize

We do have an obsession with white

Black, we largely consider as inauspicious with our pejorative notion and despicable vibe

White is no longer a color

It is just a synthetic one and anti to black by human nomenclature

If we break white at random

In human spectrum

Numerous colors soothe our eyes with visual treat

But unfortunately in myriad peoples brains and breed

White is supreme and influence human cerebral to cause mayhem in shameless fleet

The anomaly white construe just to dominate and dictate majority who are black

Despise black by white is sheer unjust and deserve huge flack

Supremacist is a wrong belief to harm the colorful design with harmony in nature's floor

Which alone responsible to beckon sheer jeopardy for mankind in galore!

Since time immemorial

Human civilization progressed with manifold diversion

Birds, Bees, Fishes and innumerable creatures

With varied colors soothe our eyes with raptures

I wonder we should we despise black

In the dark deep night sky, stars beckon us with its inherent might

The beauty it renders always beckons and allures us

Triggers us to explore to dispel all camouflage

Universe and milky way visualize in our spectrum in galore

Colors too plays a crucial role for our configurations to make a meaningful gestures with mystic overtures!

At the nascent stage of human civilization to manifest

The cradle is Africa where humans evolve and explore with haste

Later they scatter in nature's unique floor

Where difference of colors of human skins came into fore

White and black, a clear dichotomy

Appears and discriminate humans with sheer catastrophe

One may claim as superior to other

Thus a feud extrapolate and engulfs without any due validation any further

Feud between Black and White is a curse to humanity and an insensitive farce

Bleeds of Red, a common color, the only vehicle to survive for humans in rapture

Unfortunately it engaged in contrast to make sheer anathema and reprehensible agony

Centuries long cacophony only paves huge impediments for humanity with utter ignominy!

Neither white nor black

Color is not at all determining tool to ensure our existence at stark

It is the life and labor

Which alone navigate us in chorus

To accelerate human civilization to venture with ruckus

We must not forget it is not only color which facilitate us to reveal

It is charm ad misty within us to expose and make upheaval with grand anvil!



Jerry Fletcher

4 years ago #5

Debasish, Pick the largest room you have ever could be covered with one inch squares of color that never repeat. But as you point out, we see things on a spectrum where each hue blends into the next. We assign values to political, religious and self images that have no foundation other than fractured imagination. Our thoughts are colored as you so clearly capture. And so it goes.

🐝 Fatima G. Williams

4 years ago #4

Lovely poem Debasish Majumder

Ali Anani

4 years ago #3

Nice poem dear Debasish Majumder

Debasish Majumder

4 years ago #2

Cyndi wilkins

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