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Content Marketing Tools To Make Your Marketing Easy

Content Marketing Tools To Make Your Marketing Easy

Image Source: Mike Khorev

We all live in a visual age, and you need to have enough visual content for gaining more audience. If your content lacks visual content, you will not get more audience. It is estimated that, 

  • Videos have more audiences and get a lot of online attention among all age groups. Video increases customer retention.

  • Content having many images gets more shares and views as compared to other content. 

  • Images help to convert your marketing and increase sign-ups.

In short, to stay ahead in the marketing game, you need to make use of visual content marketing. There are many content creation tools for digital content creation that would boost your marketing. Make use of these best content creation tools for your business marketing. You can also get in touch with the content marketing agency Gurgaon who would help you to choose the tools feasible for your business. 

Let us discuss the various content creation tools:

  • Image Creation Tools

  • Video Creation Tools

  • Animation Tools

  • Infographic Creation Tools

  • Screen Capture Tools

  • Meme Creation Tools

  • GIF Creation Tools

  • Presentation Creation Tools

Let us discuss the various tools available in these categories:

  • Image Creation Tools – Image creation tools is a digital content creation tool, and its various tools focus on creating and editing images. The various tools under this are:

    • Adobe Spark – The standard image creation tool is Adobe Spark. This software helps to create content fast, and you can easily combine images, text, and video content to project better content online.

    • Canva – Yet another image creation tool is Canva that makes it easy to create and edit customized images to share on social media, blog posts, etc. Fotor.

    • Image Quote – Image Quote helps you to add words to images and create quote graphics. This is a mobile app and is available on Android and iOS.

    • Photo Collage – Using Photo Collage software, you can place your various photos and arrange them in any fashion with a theme. You also have the option to include text. 

    • Pixlr – Pixlr tool is a quick tool to include fun filters. It includes more image editing features.

  • Video Creation Tools – Video creation tools are all about the creation of video content. The various tools under this are:

    • Animaker – Animaker is a popular video creation tool that helps you to create videos with the effect of a studio-created one. Using Animaker, you can create multiple video types like whiteboard videos, explainer videos, and infographic videos.

    • iMovie – A free video creation tool, iMovie is available for use in macOS and iOS. Using the iMovie app, you can create and share videos quickly and can also try to make video trailers like the Hollywood style. 

    • Lumen5 – Lumen5 makes use of Artificial Intelligence to create a video from the text. You need to enter the URL, and this software creates a video that matches the text. It includes music and images as well.

    • RawShorts – A popular drag and drop video editor, RawShorts is easy to create explainer and animated videos. Using this software, it is easy to include media, audio, and transitions. 

  • Animation Tools – Animation tools are all about creating short animations for your content marketing. The various tools under this are:

    • Boomerang – Boomerang is an Instagram video app that is accessible as a standalone app and as an Instagram app. Using this app, you can create short stop motion videos and share the videos on the Instagram platform. 

    • Biteable – Biteable is an animation tool that helps users to create five videos per month for a free plan. The videos are easy to create, and you can publish the videos on Facebook and YouTube platforms. 

    • Google Photos – The photos from your device get uploaded automatically in Google Photos, and it has a built-in assistant that creates animations and short movies with the photos. You can also create them yourself. 

    • Powtoon – Powtoon tool makes it easy to create engaging visual content in less time. These videos are an excellent platform to get more attention from the audience. 

  • Infographic Creation Tools – Infographics are the most engaging visual content presentation. The various tools under this are:

    • – provides a platform to create simple infographics. It has pre-defined templates, and you can also include images and charts on it. 

    • Google Charts – Using the Google Charts tool you can support infographic creation. 

    • Infogram – Infogram tool is the best method for interactive visual content creation. Using its free version, you can access almost 37 interactive infographic types and 13 map types. Also, you have the drag and drop option to create a fabulous infographic. 

    • Visme – Visme tool has many templates, widgets, and charts and is a great tool to start Infographic. 

  • Screen Capture Tools – Screen capture tool is a great way to illustrate any concept to the audience. The various screen capture tools are:

    • CloudApp – CloudApp tool is used to create screenshots, animated GIFs, and screen recordings. The CloudApp tool is simple to use, and it permits limitless screenshots in the free version as well.  

    • Awesome Screenshot – A browser extension in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, Awesome Screenshot allows you to capture web pages quickly and include annotations. You can also store, share, and organize images using this tool. 

    • Firefox Screenshot – Firefox Screenshot tool allows you to take a photo of the screen part, the whole web page, or the visible screen area. 

    • Nimbus Capture – Nimbus Capture tool permits you to capture and edit the screenshots. 

  • Meme Creation Tools – A web looks good with memes. You can create your meme. The various meme creation tools are:

    • iMeme – iMeme is a software to create memes. It has about 50 common memes, and you can create your photos as well. Text optimization is also possible using this tool. 

    • Kapwing – For a simple meme creator, Kapwing is the ideal tool. You need to upload a link to an image, GIF, or video, include your text, and then your meme is ready. 

    • Meme Buddy – Meme Buddy, is an online meme generator that permits the creation of a meme using voice. Also, you can select images, include text, translate the meme, etc. 

    • Meme Generator – Meme Generator is a simple tool where you can include an image, text, and then share your meme. 

  • GIF Creation Tools –GIFs enhance your digital content and are an excellent way to get audience attention. The various GIF creation tools are:

    • Ezgif – Ezgif tool helps you to upload many images, and it creates a GIF for you. Also, you can adjust the order of the uploaded image and update the GIF size. 

    • GIFMaker – GIFMaker tool helps you to upload as many as 300 images to create an animated GIF. 

    • Giphy – Giphy tool integrates with many apps to get the right people to find the right GIF. It has an online GIF creator where you need to upload an image or a video, adjust the animation speed, and include a few decorative effects, then your GIF is ready. 

  • Presentation Creation Tools – Presentations are just another attraction for digital content. The various presentation creation tools are:

    • Google Slides – Google Slides allows you to create impactful presentations, edit the slides, collaborate, and present from any location. You can create attractive presentations using various templates. 

    • Emaze – Emaze is an excellent online presentation tool that has templates for business and education in many categories.

    • SlideDog – SlideDog allows you to create and execute presentations and media playlists. Here, the presentations are interactive where you can share content and Livestream as well. 

    • Sway – Sway is another online presentation tool with which you can create presentations from the current documents or templates. 


Having discussed the various visual content tools above, you have all the tools with you to get the audience’s attention. 

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