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Bees move spirally

To collect honey

Besides its usual trait

It too paves for pollination which is the only source of all unrest


But we human cannot ignore

Bees make huge contribution to proliferate all species to unfold in galore!

Honey is a unique jelly which only marvels

We human determine out of our senses

Honey we address as the sweetest of nature's all bounty

Which humans taste buds admire and satiated by its championing capacity!

When in my pensive state

I human can alone only able to think and perceive without any haste

Watching the ceiling of my roof and noticed a spider's web

Spirally it too construe its mystic web

Where it catches its prey for its survival with distinct entity

I wonder how nature alone enables to sustain all formats of lives with due gravity

It creates grand reflections

Enabling evolution to roll with mystic jubilation!

Numerous creatures emerge on nature's floor

Many extincted, failing to adapt with the available episode

A new species too emerge and explore

Unable to memorize its former state and glory with the changing phenomena

Which only uproar

Irrespective of any creature's existence

It is only the nature which alone produces the reflections honestly with exuberance!

We human only having the cerebral

To think and perceive, a quality which is sheer phenomenal

We can alone evaluate the available situation

But sometimes bemused by nature's mystic selection

Only few minority how dominate majority by virtue of their amazing quality

Quantity being forced to follow the footprint of quality

Surfacing a new quantity with unique quality

A continuous process of such transition always come into fore with agreeing conformity

To express the changing matters superiority

It is perhaps the destiny being destined with historical continuity

Sometimes it works for ushering the acceleration to proceed in favor of humanity

Sometimes it emerges with vile intentions to suppress humanity

It is an amazing spin

Sometimes it works for humanity, sometimes it facilitates to bring only ruin!

We all dwell in a planet

Which is chiefly guided by external force

Enables us to resuscitate

The energy it alone produce

Enabling all existing creatures to sustain and adduce

Spin plays the most crucial role in response to nature's behest

Today becomes tomorrow in a wink of an eye to construe our format with unending rest

Determine day and night in its designed ambit

Thus our civilization rolls

Where human being only consider the available compass as the true gambit

But spins play the crucial role

Enable to explore and unfold

With myriad dispensation in nature's floor

I wonder what a grand expression nature alone offer for humans only to behold!

Bees have collected honey from nectar infinitely

Spiders continues to construe cobweb to catch its prey indefinitely

None have conscious efforts to soothe or distress us

Before human's emergence in nature's floor in chorus

They do all exist with their distinct entities

But only human having the quality to fathom its limitation and bounty

Only to acknowledge nature's supremacy

Where hardly human can envisage they are being designed to to express their paramountcy!

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Ali Anani

2 years ago #10

A great poem dear Debasish Majumder. WE need to open eyes to nature. The smallest observations from nature may bestow us with the greatest idea.

Lisa Vanderburg

2 years ago #9

It is my pleasure to see such creative concepts, dear Debasish! Be well!

Debasish Majumder

2 years ago #8

after a hiatus i am delighted to see your presence in the beBee madam Lisa Vanderburg! meaningful engagement i always crave to learn from you. thank you very much for your valuable comment and sharing the buzz.

Lisa Vanderburg

2 years ago #7

A fitting ode Debasish Majumder that reminds us to just be still and NOTICE our world. It is not only beautiful, but necessary for our souls to dwell a spell in the smallest of nature; a leaf, spiderlings casting their flying thread, the sheer perfection of imperfection! It is invaluable for us to exercise that art of looking out, instead of in. Well said!

Pascal Derrien

2 years ago #6

We are animals we are part of nature not above nature we just need to ring fence our power usage both energetically but most importantly intellectually this will be the real test......

Liesbeth Leysen, MSc.

2 years ago #5

Debasish Majumder remember how beautiful our world is and nature, read what our bee Debasish created, his contribution counts

Liesbeth Leysen, MSc.

2 years ago #4

beautiful and special contribution to the power that created the universe thank you Debasish Majumder

Ali Anani

2 years ago #2

This poem speaks not only to my mind, but also to my mind. I liked the idea that both spiders and bees move spirally.I liked also these lyrics and find them representative of life Numerous creatures emerge on nature's floor Many extincted, failing to adapt with the available episode A new species too emerge and explore A nice and well-written dear Debasish Majumder and therefore I am sharing it.

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