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Cost-effective Rolling Shutters and Spares in Chennai


Rolling Shutters

 Rolling shutters are doors or windows that have horizontal pieces of metals like Aluminium or Steel that are interlocked to each other. These doors can be raised to open and can be brought back down to close. It is a new age requisite for protecting the building or a shed or a garage. Sometimes, smaller rolling shutters are used as windows. These rolling shutters do not wear out in any weather conditions.

 Types of Rolling Shutters

 · Motorized Rolling Shutters

· MS Rolling Shutters

· Long Span Rolling Shutters

· Industrial Rolling Shutters

· GI Rolling Shutters

· Remote Rolling Shutters

 Types of Operations of Rolling Shutters

 Some of the rolling shutters are operated manually. But bigger shutters are automated and are operated using motorized equipment.

· Automated (opened and closed using automation)

Automated rolling shutters need electricity to operate the shutters.

 · Manual (opened and closed by personnel)

It does not need a power source. It needs only manual labour.

 Parts of a Rolling Shutter

 · Shutter Spring

It is a steel spring that is flat and has many coils on it. It is also known as Torsion Spring.

 · Lock

A very important feature of Rolling Shutters is that protects the building from burglars and thieves.

 · Railing or Track

The path where the roller moves to open or close the shutter is called a track.

· Roller

It is a metal tube made of Aluminium or Steel. It has support at the extremes of the shutters which help them not to fall during operation.

 · Shutter Box

A metal box that protects the parts of the roller.

 · Slats (upper and lower)

These are nothing but big, horizontal metal pieces interlinked to each other. They are mostly made up of Aluminium or Steel.

 · Sensors

These sensors are used to guide the roller on the track.

 Benefits of Rolling shutters

 · Durable and long-lasting

· Affordable

· Less maintenance

· Protects from thieves and burglars.

· Automatic versions are available in the market

· Withstands all types of weather conditions

 Where to find Rolling shutters and spares in Chennai?

 Bairava Metal Manufacturers are the leading manufacturers of Rolling shutters and their spares in Chennai. It was established in 2012. Since then it has been striving very hard to achieve customer satisfaction. Its products are of international standards and there is very little room for mistakes. For more details, visit

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