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I am amazed with nature's bounty

How she endows her wealth to us extravagantly

Metals, Minerals, Trees and plants

Along with huge resources she offers at a glance

We thrive out of her blessings

Nature is a true haven for us with her inherent design to reduce our sufferings!

But, few like me

Are capable to work as cork to restrict nature's spree

Gold, Silver, Iron and other ions

Even fossil fuel we extract from nature's bosom

What a grandeur she offers to us

We are grateful but we reserve it as the only boon showering to us

Enable us to dictate many out of our garnered wealth

Majority of us forced to believe 

They do exist out of our clemency, which they find as reprieve!

Hardly we can understand

There was a time when our Earth has no such design to reprimand

Greed was no longer in existence, sheer a subject of moribund

No vengeance, no chaos

All creatures in nature's floor thrive with harmony

No discrimination, no exploitation

Residuals of skulls give us the due annals

An ambiance surely beyond our present time evaluation

But a source is sure to exist

From where we evolved and persist!

Modern era only teaches us

Innovation and disruption is the only means to attain profit

We are encouraged to sing in chorus

Our self designed dream is the only tune for us to ensure our existence 

Which have no match to exist

We few only seat at the top

From where all wealth of nature spout and flow

Not allowing majority to enjoy nature's bounty and equally glow

Forgetting Sun never emit for few

Not able to envisage something ominous is going to brew

Unknowingly favoring a condition

When cloud of vengeance will overpower our brazen rendition!

NOT IN (oye Wk \
| LOVEwiTy |
/__HuMaNiTY.” |

Db Marcie Luthor Ring. |

The doomsday is not very far

I am wary when our cry will no longer be heard

Sheer silence will engulfed the entire world

Where buzzing of bees will also obliterate for few of ours centuries long sin

Our mother Earth will perpetually draw a curtain to usher the end of all our torturous scene!

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Jerry Fletcher

1 year ago #5

Gaia will have her way! And so it goes.

John Rylance

1 year ago #4

The end is nigh, was a mesage seen regularly on boards carried around the streets of London, in years gone bye. As then now many take no real notice of the dangers to us humans. The current pandemic concentrates our minds on survival. Nobody lives for ever, lets hope the planet does for the sake of future generations.

Debasish Majumder

1 year ago #2

Fay Vietmeier

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