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Leaders are born to lead

We are enamored for such exquisite breed

They kindle the lamp

Usher us to revamp

Enable us to know to glow with our inherent strength

Unitedly we can make upside down at length

It is the leaders who enable human civilization to accelerate

Unfortunately they cannot abundantly proliferate!

Presently we observe a dearth in leadership

None are emerge to harness betterment for mass in

Now we cannot proudly salute

Captain’s demise we mourn, but never dither to carry his dictum in loud

No leaders even in grave

Whose breathe we feel in alive state!

Present leaders are just a clone

Who are produced by only interests group for their own benefit?

They only enjoy their upper echelon

Far away from mass with a weird trait!

Present leaders are greedy

Disruption is their only capacity

Like piped piper of Hamlin

They induce majority to follow them for perpetual decimation without any rhythm!

I wonder how they considered as leaders

Who are patronizing them with what purposes?

What is the invisible ladder they resort?

Hiding from majority, who are their only source to promote themselves in grand smote

Ignominy only they can offer to mankind

Why can’t we discard these leaders for their misconduct only to malign!

“i you can't fly, then run,

if you can't run, then walk,

if you can't walk, then crawl,

but whatever you do,

you have to keep moving forward.

— Martin Luther King Jr.

Entire world is now facing a severe crisis

Leaders are no longer emerging to reduce such syndrome with apt catharsis

Bankruptcy in leadership is only prevailing

Humanity is subjected to its worst suffering!

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Liesbeth Leysen, MSc.

4 years ago #19

Wonderful reminder

Liesbeth Leysen, MSc.

4 years ago #18

Love the core message and the post

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman

4 years ago #17

Timely piece Debasish Majumder and a lot to ponder.

Bill Stankiewicz

4 years ago #16

Well Done Debasish Majumder, we love your sincerity!

Ali Anani

4 years ago #15


Ali Anani

4 years ago #14

I agree abd that finding new possibilities, new paths and running into emergent behaviors are the way to go

Pascal Derrien

4 years ago #13

I am afraid not yet even though I would much prefer we didn’t go any further in terms of horror 🙁

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

4 years ago #12

Couldn't agree more! Though a true leader would also be a teacher or mentor for his/her followers. Of course that's assuming there is enough time for this endeavor, something that's increasingly scarce due to the obsession of current "leaders" with their own image and status quo, leading them to abandon any effort to cultivate and express empathy, which is the cornerstone of any true teacher.

CityVP Manjit

4 years ago #11

#10 What I think we do not need is 20th Century Leadership, but I do thing we need 21st Century Leadership and we need it big time. What is the difference? Leadership in the 20th Century is akin to the control mindsets of machine metaphors that is exemplified by attitudes like Taylorism. The problem with how people relate to 21st Century Leadership is that they use the same binary mindset that is a feature of 20th Century leadership - so i see no value in listing out 20th Century traits, reversing them and calling that reversal 21st Century Leadership, and an example of that is here If anything 21st Century Leadership is not binary but actually complimentary. The connecting union between leaders and teachers is learning. Leaders are learners, teachers are learners also and this complementary union fits 21st Century Leadership. Whereas I see 20th Century Leadership as meaning associated with work, I view 21st Century Leadership as meaning associated with home. Leadership should start from the home and the starting point of self-leadership. This week we are celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the end of the First World War. In the 20th Century the world saw TWO rock bottom points in human history. We are thankfully not hitting that rock bottom, but if we did, the consequences are horrendous as mutually assured destruction. Economies may turn upwards after a war but leadership that is still 20th Century in origin only wastes the great hope of transformation that comes from celebrating the end of a war. 21st Century Leadership may simply be encumbered by 20th Century mindsets to make a real difference, and who knows this transformation point may be 25th Century Leadership - but at least there is a path to this kind of renaissance - and if it is not immediate - we are sure to be seen as beginners of it, but not its creators.

Ali Anani

4 years ago #10

#9 So, do you think we have reached the rock bottom and we have one way - to turn up?

Pascal Derrien

4 years ago #9

History has repeatedly shown that societies seem to have to reach the bottom of ignominy before rebounding on humanity however it is often short lived providing what we are witnessing today in my opinion we don't need leaders we need teachers.....

CityVP Manjit

4 years ago #8

Thankfully we as a society are beginning to get past ancient attitudes such as the "Divine Right of Kings" or the self-serving ideas such as "Manifest Destiny" and we need to do more to get beyond this ancient rhetoric. "Leaders are Born" is more than just ancient rhetoric, it is an example of modern mythology. For sure leaders can be made or evolve, but maybe we too enamoured by fame or we place leaders on pedestals. Whether it is a sycophancy or a tribal message - the problem with focusing on "leaders are born" is that it is not a sustainable way of seeing, in a world where leadership increasingly matters.

Ali Anani

4 years ago #7

Dear Debasish Majumder- you make me think. You started your poem by writing "Leaders are born to lead" So, if leaders have inherent capabilities and skills does it mean that women fail to become pregnant with great leaders? Or, is it the societies and their mounting demands that make leaders go off-rail? If somebody is born as a leader would (s)he fail to continue as a leader? Questions to ponder on

Debasish Majumder

4 years ago #6

Pascal Derrien

Jerry Fletcher

4 years ago #5

Debasish, I appreciate your lament. Fascists seem to be taking over the governments around the world.

Debasish Majumder

4 years ago #4

Deb\ud83d\udc1d Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee

Debasish Majumder

4 years ago #3

Juan Imaz

Debasish Majumder

4 years ago #2

Joel Anderson

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