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Mitra Cropmaster Reel is a tractor-mounted boom sprayer, which is mounted on a tractor 3 point linkage. This sprayer is easy for mounting or dismounting from the Tractor due to 3 point link attachment. The Cropmaster reel has a 400Lit main tank, 40lit rinsing tank and 10 Lit hand wash tank for clean water. It provides uniform coverage and gives the best protection for your crop. Mitra’s Boom sprayer works on 45HP and above tractors which is useful for spraying on all ground crops like Soybean, Tur, Chilly, Cotton etc. and also useful for orchard crops. The tractor mounted boom sprayer also comes with the manual height adjustment for boom up to 6 feet, which is useful in all kinds of crops like cotton with 4 to 5 feet heights to crops like Soybean, Gram, etc. It also has a 2-way adjustable brass nozzle, which gives the adjustable spacing as per crop row spacing. Also, the individual nozzle can shut on and off.

Due to the Belt Driven Hose Winding feature, It gets easy for farmers to wind hose on the reel by simply engaging a lever which is available with the hose length 650 feet. The pressure relief valve provided with the Tractor Mounted boom Sprayer reduced the pump’s excess pressure and prevent the pumps from damages. The Tractor powered sprayer comes with a 5-mode controller and two-way nozzles, which provides accurate delivery of chemicals. In this Boom sprayer, we have provided the back folding option for easy operation at the end of the farm or any obstacles in the farm, saving the spraying time. A Diaphragm pump specially designed for pesticides, and chemical spraying applications with 55 LPM provides continuous water flow without pulsation. The diaphragm pumps also have less maintenance due to the minimum moving parts and the power source is the Tractor PTO shaft, which transmits the Tractor’s power to the machine.

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