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Custom Mobile App Development - Trends to follow 2020

A recent survey by Statista estimates that the worldwide mobile app revenue will reach $581.9 billion USD in 2020 and $935 billion USD by 2023. These figures prove why every business should focus on the mobile app market to connect with a large userbase. And, what better way than to have a custom mobile app developed.

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With the evolution of the mobile landscape, new technologies have emerged and given rise to new trends for custom mobile app development. Let’s discuss some of the popular trends here:

  • Blockchain- Blockchain technology is extremely reliable and designed with a higher level of data encryption. Implementing blockchain technology in a custom mobile application adds extra security and eliminates any unauthorized access or interference to the system.

  • Machine Learning (ML) techniques- ML, a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) uses algorithms to learn information directly from data and make decisions. Custom mobile app development when combined with the ML technique provide businesses a whole new approach to target their customers. Many popular apps like Netflix, Tinder has already implemented advanced ML techniques to provide a better user experience. 

  • Internet of Things (IoT)- IoT integrates data from multiple devices connected wirelessly to the IoT platform and shares valuable information with other devices/systems via the internet. To operate devices based upon the concept, a custom mobile app can be developed. For example, a wi-fi connected thermostat for home/office is an IoT endpoint and a custom mobile app developed can be used to control the device remotely.

  • Cloud-based apps- Cloud-based applications are accessed through web browsers and do not require a phone’s storage space to operate. These mobile apps fetch data directly from the servers and can be custom-built for any business to expand its market reach.

We are experiencing a major shift in the traditional mobile app development process with the emergence of new trends and technologies. To make an informed decision for your business choose the right custom mobile app development platform that meets your requirements. Take a cue from the experts at FATbit Technologies!

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