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I don't know after my death

where I will go? Is there any comfortable stretch?

In this mundane world

I faced huge turbulence and obviously it perturbed

I only crave

After death I may get reprieve

I cannot rule out I have faced plenty of nuisance

Can I have absolute bliss to jive with exuberance?

Some may believe at their behest

Their activity only construe their heavenly abode with solace

Even they indoctrinate with confusing idea to their progeny

There is life after death, sheer obscurantism with cacophony

They too religiously perform all post death rituals with grand ceremony

They hardly bother

Death too could be celebrated ceremoniously with clatter!

After death, silence too appear as noise

To engulf myriad with grief stricken voice

They cry for the dead souls

Which perhaps buzzes on their ears to cause humdrum with dramatic roles

We only intrinsically fancied to welcome the past to propound on us

A hymns we chant in an eccentric tone in chorus

Force us to put our feet in their shoes without any choice

What an obscure legacy we fanatically follow

Only to be smeared with no reasons to substantiate, which is sheer hollow!

Life is always in a mystic flow

Where matters continuously change its form and appear with charismatic glow

It bears the beauty and ensure our continuity with gay

It warns us too that we may not forget that "Rome was not built in a day"!

Yet, we hardy can realize

"All roads lead to Rome" is not a legitimate premise

New roads, new mountains, new plateaus are always in the offing

Our life explores with grand rhythm

Plate tectonics play the key role for human civilization

To explore with continuous unwinding process in acceleration

Human civilization always in a trend to evolve in nature's floor

To synthesize its uproar with new dispensation in galore

A fight with distinction human alone dispense against nature

Where natural selection takes back seat

Social selection construe a new domain with different treat

Myriad of upheaval human society experienced

Only to uphold its gravity, not indulging to be swayed

Continually it is the mankind


Not the Machiavellian episode to reign with sheer unkind

It is the humanity which always emerged as champion and prevail

Death is not a swan song, a perpetual obituary to marvel!

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Cyndi wilkins

2 years ago #7

"A hymn we chant in an eccentric tone in chorus"....There is no 'death' so onward we go;-) Beautifully orchestrated piece Debasish Majumder!

Fay Vietmeier

2 years ago #6

Debasish Majumder "There is life after death, sheer obscurantism with cacophony" So much is unknown I guess that's why "faith" is based on what is unseen We will all arrive there ... one day ... a crossing over: from life to death The question awaits an answer ... what will we find?

Ali Anani

2 years ago #5

The title of your post captured my attention because the son of a friend passed away few weeks ago as he suffered from cancer. He was in terrible state. Initially, the parents were "delighted" that got relieved of his suffering. Now, you only see tears in their eyes. But what relieves pain is the delightful memories of the deceased.

Liesbeth Leysen, MSc.

2 years ago #4


Liesbeth Leysen, MSc.

2 years ago #3

after your death you remain in our hearts, so until then, thank you for your beautiful art Debasish Majumder

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