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Dolomite Powder Uses In The Agriculture industry


Dolomite powder is obtained by burning and magnesium carbonate in the market. Dolomite powder has a deep black color, density, is non-pollution, non-toxic, can use one or several times in the soil. Dolomite Powder is useful as a soil conditioner, to improve the structure of sandy and clay soils, and help neutralize soil acidity. It can also be used for filtering water, as a cement additive, in making steel, and as a raw material for soap manufacturing and animal feed. Dolomite Powder is basically utilized in construction & industry as well as in agriculture fields to enhance its growth and yield. Anand Talc is the leading Talc Powder Exporter For Agriculture Industry In India.


Dolomite Powder is basically one of the most generally used fillers in many industries. The processed and then mixed 100% Dolomite powder is used in industries such as food, plastic, paint, and alloy industries too. However, you can observe dolomite powder utilization in any stuff ranging from leather goods to soaps, cosmetics, and even in pharmaceuticals. You will come across various health-oriented products which contain some sort of mineral powder dolomite powder. We are leading Dolomite Powder Exporter in India.

Dolomite powder refers to the substance, which is mostly made of calcium magnesium carbonate, and other of the same kind. It can be used as a filler in cement, paint, and ceramics. The mechanical properties of natural dolomite are related to clay minerals. This means that when it’s able to absorb water it becomes more plastic and it stiffens its mechanical behavior.

Dolomite powder is used for improving the plant's ability to withstand adverse growing conditions. It can be used with both indoor and outdoor plants and should be applied before or after repotting. The nutrients of dolomite powder vary with different brands. However, it is important to note that generic dolomite powder may contain other chemicals that are less advantageous for the plant's health. These chemicals could lead to a number of issues, including the appearance of mold or mildew on plant leaves.

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