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Earthworm Farming Is An Agricultural Method That Allow To Recycle Old Stuff Into Valuable Fertilizer


Earthworm Farming is a practice of raising earthworms for their natural bio-dynamic benefit in cultivating various crops. Earthworms are known as nature's renewable farm products because they are great for creating healthy and balanced soil that is highly productive in supplying a food source for mankind and many domestic animals. It has been in existence for centuries, but with the modern techniques and tools, people can now enjoy a better quality of earthworm farms.

Earthworm Farming is simply the application of various techniques that help to recycle huge volumes of organic solid waste, produce huge numbers of earthworms, and make worm castings into a very useful soil conditioner, organic fertilizer, and natural pesticide for commercial crop production. Earthworms will consume around half their own body weight in just a week. This makes farming an excellent and economical way to feed your family. Earthworms can be raised virtually anywhere and are most suited to organic gardens where they can directly feed off organic wastes. They also make an excellent companion animal for farmers, since they eat pests like aphids, cabbage worms, and cotton rootworms.

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