Debasish Majumder

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b2927ba2.jpgNation, Regional or local boundary of any territory

All features are crafted by men for their unrestrained greed and inherent tendency

Where few only capable to express their supremacy

Out of their capacity to dupe many with hoodwinking proclivity

They acquired their strength by overpowering majority

By virtue of their ability to create a milieu of mendacity

Still unfortunately majority tend to believe rope as snake

As long the confusion engulfs them with sizable stake!

I do salute to the few mendicancy

They do appear bankrupt to only reveal their false complacency

Which only having capacity to malign majority with sheer humiliation of redundancy

Religions of different doctrines are now facing turbulence and shivering with fear psychosis

The only call now eccentrically making noise to propound with utter nemesis

None is now feeling safe in the present world

All are suspecting each other and blaming with bigotry, just to prove as mere nerd

Terrorists and anti-nationals are now becoming a common call, all are engaging each other to blame

Humanity is only becoming the worst victim of such heinous flame

Boundary or over boundary, I wonder

Who will ultimately play as cheer leaders for enjoying such eccentric rapture!

But poor majority will only be subjected to few frantic

Who are only vitiating the entire global milieu with their vindictive tactics

Only focusing to exploit more dividends from their nefarious ploy

Wealth they accumulate, will they able to take?

After their demise

Which is the ultimate destiny for all creatures, despite their ardent cries

Irrespective of all religion

Eventually all will proceed for perpetual oblivion!

I only appalled

Few never kept their promises at any cost

They never bothered of majority's jittery

Their political devise of hegemony

Only brought jeopardy to many

Making false promise is their only agenda

Though few, I wonder

How they are capable to carry out their nefarious vendetta

Their impulses primarily driven by few profit loving insane

Who only discard to profane

They only obsessed to divide the world to extract huge dividends for their unlawful essence

They tend to uphold their claims are only law

By virtue of their proclivity they foster all wicked claw

Bringing jeopardy to mankind

They brazenly express how ruthless they are and unkind!


Pascal Derrien

4 years ago #4

The art of manipulation indeed....

Ali Anani

4 years ago #3

Excellent poem dear Debasish Majumder. It has many deep thoughts. One particular point that caught my attention is your lyric: Still unfortunately majority tend to believe rope as snake You remind me of group thinking that may deceive many people to see a rope as a snake and I add to see a snake as a rope. This effect hasn't faded over generations. I wonder if anything can be done to minimize it, the least to wish.

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