Debasish Majumder

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Nationalism is a venom

Surprisingly Internationalism too having concert with an amazing rhythm at random

Forming corporate and making a consortium for their own vested interest

A vicious design they initiate and deploy

And forces us to satiate their need and subdue us to their pernicious ploy

A travesty is omnipresent

To gag myriad indigenous cry of the inflicted souls with errand!

Peasants, workers are losing their jobs and their traditional forms

Owing to powerful financial capital and their vitiated norms

Open market and global economy is their only clarion call

Devastating the traditional productive process with their hegemony to promote only wrong

Which they successfully prolong

Taking advantage of the available situation

A crisis in economy is the cause of all nemesis they propagate with bold expression

Alas! they are utterly obnoxious and detrimental to humanity in aggressive

Their visions are blurred by their pejorative notion which they consider only lucrative!

Unknowingly they dig their own ditch

Perpetual decimation of them is just a matter of time for their obliteration in grand hitch

Blind they are

Only eyeing for avarice in glare

Ignoring the history and past

Myriad powerful regime just disappeared with uncomprehending twist

How can we ignore people who are the only driving force of world history

Wheels of civilization rolls on behalf of humanity with serendipity!

Majority cannot breathe

Owing to minority's influence and writhe

Minority is always successful to produce a cult

To deceive majority with their camouflaging tuftECONOMY OF MAGNANIMITY?

Alas! Poor majority

How long they endure the pain and shed their blood and toil with dignity

Without any apathy to ensure the shrine of comfort for minority!

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Pascal Derrien

2 years ago #4

Distribution of wealth is a complex equation …….''Minority is always successful to produce a cult''

You always show deep passion for the under-privileged dear Debasish Majumder.Enjoyed reading and shared.

Debasish Majumder

2 years ago #2

Paul \

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