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At dawn, when light appears in the horizon

Dispelling darkness, it stimulates with a call of clarion

Birds, Bees and all creatures express its entity with wild raptures

Flowers petals offer with myriad colors to make a grand carnival of delightful gestures

Makes a clear distinction between night and day

Rotation of our planer Earth on its axis makes a harmonic display!

From the fetus of dark

Light emanates with its electro magnetic wave to stark

The only source in our dwelling planet to express its distinctive vibe

In our solar system, light alone appears with weird trait to ascribe

Which human faculty struggle to gauge with jive

By the reflection it caused to our cerebral to describe!

In our naked eye

Milky way with numerous stars attract our spectrum 

Nature endows us with her intriguing tray

Hardly we human can fathom her inherent fray

What a spiral motion it alone construe

Upward and downward, a rhythm we only doff off to admire and adieu

We are existing and observing such unique mechanism 

A continuous process of change emerges with huge hype and hue

To maintain a status quo with an amazing algorithm!

Without the existence of dark matter

Hardly our existence could emphasized its entities in rapture

Gravitation and its persistence may not facilitate us to exist with exuberance

Our entire design may not get at all any opportunity to express its emphatic presence

We hardly could envisage our comprehension of reality

Which is a mere serendipity

Nature alone script our envious gravity

Dark matters presence in the universe enables light to express its energetic flamboyancy!


We poor human 

Takes gifts as granted by virtue of our own acumen

Not knowing how we are involved to switch off our existing rhythm

Only to welcome darkness to engulf us with perpetuity 

If not retrain our tendency to consider our cerebral with sheer paramountcy!

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Pascal Derrien

2 years ago #2

I like that one ''Nature endows us with her intriguing tray''

Debasish Majumder

2 years ago #1

Fay Vietmeier,

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