Debasish Majumder

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I do have eyes

I can see many things in my surroundings and appreciate the beauty

According to my taste

Although, I act with haste

But it is my eye which facilitates me to appreciate with rest!

Equally I discard ugly

Which my visual treat may not subscribe with my taste reciprocally

Rather produces utterly distortion and coercion to nature’s tapestry

This is just a sheer only a travesty

On a social fabric we are accustomed to live with harmony!

Human’s eyes are truly an enigma to draw our revelation

With exquisite fabric and trigger us for exact appellation

Light energy alone makes a unique impact on human’s spectrum

Lovely hues it produces to send apt signals through sensory organ in our cerebrum!

Light requires a reflector

Where object becomes important to bless us with delight and rancor

Universe is wondrous with its blazing phenomena

On Earth’s floor it’s a lovely and lively panorama!

I wonder which one is important

Internal or external conditions to become prevalent

Our genetic configuration or external conditions

Which determines our behavioral patterns?

I am in confusion

In what point we reach to our zenith for such amazing transition

Which one will win with what the role?

Whether external or internal for such unique metamorphosis with hyperbole!

Light is having an amazing impact on human spectrum

Other creatures in nature having different addendum

During day time in presence of Sun

We behold the in and around milieu with great fun!


I wonder about the nocturnal creatures

Who can visualize the surroundings with grand raptures?

It too possess the dichotomy

Like universe, where no illumination we observe in our naked eyes anatomy!

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John Rylance

2 years ago #4

Even in the darkest places there is colour. The question is do we provide the light or do we wait for others to shine it for us? I think both we seek enlightenment by discovery or by chance from others directly or indirectly. Remembering there is no gold at the end of the rainbow, even if we found it, and realising the answer to a problem is termed a light bulb moment. Have a colourful life.

Debesh Choudhury

2 years ago #3

Invisible wavelengths to humans aren't invisible to all. What we see lighted, like the broad daylight, the nocturnal creatures see dark! Good question in poetry Debasish Majumder

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