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Action and reaction
Having no such conscious intention
It is the nature's inevitable inclination
Only to give birth in nature's floor of myriad form of lives with unique dispensation
In human's nomenclature it is termed as motion
The only driving force to facilitate all forms of transformation
Living beings are just the eloquent testimony of energy
Which neither can be created or destroyed, but an emphatic exposure with its unique entity
Making an honest reflection in human's cerebral
We along with all creatures act on nature's floor which is only eternal!

If we human fail to comprehend the strength of motion
Status quo we may only crave with sheer apprehension
Moment we confront an abrupt change in haste
Which may script our decimation on motion's behest
Paving the way for our perpetual extinction
Alas! how insignificant we human are to envisage nature's inherent equation!


Motion alone craft our existence in nature's floor
Whether trees and plants or myriad living creatures explore in galore
How could we fathom nature's intriguing rendition
Backward and forward, upward or downward, a lovely style it adopt with a cog
We all creatures proceed to move ahead with a unique nod
How could we fathom 
Root and shoot, both are moving in opposite direction with a grand accord to bloom
Motion's championing design dictate and navigate all living beings with elegance to groom!

From the same soil texture
Flowers and fruits of trees express their distinct quality in rapture
But when they all fester
They help to increase the fertility of the soil
Without knowing their emergence not merely aiming to foil
They struggle and continuously toil
They are just the reminiscence of a coil
Having resemblance with out followed motion
Where our steps and strides to move forward is an indispensable phenomena
Which only exists and prevails with a grand charisma!

The intriguing wood
Having innumerable trees which satiate our spectrum and soothe
All perform the process of photosynthesis
Oxygen they produce in abundance to facilitate all creatures to exist
But they bear fruits of different taste
In human sensory organ it promotes an indelible impact in haste

Some appear as sweet, some appear as sour and some are toxic too
But they all emerge from the soil texture only to bemuse with their amazing hue
Same nutrients from same soil with diverse motion
Which enable them to express their identity with jubilation
Hardly we human could comprehend
We too bear distinct motion with variety of configuration and trend
Lower and upper parts bear a distinction
Where motion's hegemony we only acknowledge with grand appreciation
To ensure our journey of life with delectable rendition
With regard to time and space
Motion do play the unique freak
Only to engulf us with its enigmatic trick!

Yet we human only possess a distinct quality to think and perceive
Making amenable a hostile ambiance to combat nature's grand trick
Still we cannot rule out motion's paramountcy
Which alone navigate all activity in nature's floor with a grand symphony!

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